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Jon Jones might have brain damage, according to Joe Rogan, causing him personal and professional trouble

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, might be a lying, scheming criminal, who does shady shit because he’s a bad apple and just wants to have his way at any cost.

Or, he could have brain damage.

That’s one of the leading theories from UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, who first broached the topic of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) -- as it relates to the choices of Jones — back in early 2015, after “Bones” was involved in a hit-and-run accident that injured a pregnant woman.

Rogan speculates on his official podcast (via MMA Weekly):

“There’s a symptom of something else going on. People don’t like to discuss this but one of the things that it easily could be is that Jon has impulse control [issues] because he’s been sparring and fighting at the highest level of the sport for many, many years now and he’s gotten hit in the head a gang of times. There’s no way around it. There was an article I posted on Twitter that came up a couple of days ago, these neuroscientists were examining brain injury and violent behavior and like how they’re connected. How damage to certain areas of the brain has irreparable consequences on the decision making ability of the person who gets hit.”

One thing Jones is famous for, besides kicking ass, is making poor decisions.

Working against Rogan’s theory is the fact that Jones was already in trouble very early into his career, evidenced by a drunk driving incident from back in 2012, when “Bones” was just 24 years old.

It also discounts the idea that Jones is just a regular Joe, imperfect in many ways, struggling to deal with the demons of both fame and wealth (along with those idiots), not uncommon in the world of professional sports.

This story is still being written, though its author appears to be taking a lengthy hiatus.

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