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Merry Christmas from!

Bikini Clad Festivities At Everland Amusement Park Photo by Chung Sung Jun/Getty Images

Merry Christmas!

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, we here at want to extend our thanks to you, the loyal fight fan, for being a part of our family in 2017. Be sure to stick around in 2018, as we have a few extra irons in the fire. Trust me when I tell you, the best is yet to come.

As for today, we’ll go ahead and leave this thread open for all the Maniacs who want to pick a fight discuss the latest happenings in MMA and beyond. There is certainly a lot to talk about. What did you think of the new Stars Wars movie? What will happen to Jon Jones after his USADA sentencing? How long will Trump remain president?

The possibilities are endless.

All we ask for the open thread is that you keep the language PG-13 and respect the rules of the road. We’ll be back later this afternoon — just as soon as we’re done clearing the last of the coal from our stockings — with all the usual MMA coverage you’ve come to expect and enjoy.

Until then, happy holidays!

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