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Yoel Romero: Michael Bisping will always be the guy that couldn't win the tough UFC fights

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Yoel Romero has had a longstanding beef with former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion Michael Bisping that has seen the two men hurl insults one another and their respective homelands.

And despite the fact that they will likely never throw down inside the Octagon, “Soldier of God” still can’t help but to take digs at “The Count” any chance he gets. During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Romero stated that despite winning the 185-pound strap, Bisping is and always be known as the man who could never win the tough fights when given to him.

He explains:

“Everybody knows who is Michael Bisping. I do respect Michael, you know why? Because he stay in UFC for a long time. You need to clap for his very long history in his career. But every time this guy fight the tough fight in UFC, every time he loses. Only one time, when he won for the belt against Luke, everyone knows why. I was out, another guy had the injury, you know, nobody can fight. So Luke says, ‘Okay, give me this guy another time. Like easy money.’ The problem Luke made a big mistake, like he put down his hands. It’s not good when you don’t respect the people, you know. I never do this, it’s no good. Everybody is human, you know? You have two hands, he have two hands and you need to respect. Luke had no respect, easy money. So Michael Bisping won and he running again, like Forrest Gump. And with Dan, he lose that fight. Dan Henderson should be the real champion. The second time when he defend the belt he lose it.”

It should be noted that Bisping knocked Rockhold out on two weeks notice, which is far from an easy task to complete even on a full training camp. Plus, Michael also holds a win over Anderson Silva and an aforementioned title defense against “Hendo.”

Not a bad resume.

That said, Bisping’s last few fights can are ones I’m sure he’d like to have back, as the brash Brit was choked unconscious by Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217, losing his title in the process. Two weeks later, Bisping was knocked out cold by Kelvin Gastelum in China.

Still, Michael isn’t planning on going out like that, as he intends to fight at least one more time when UFC invades his home turn of London, England in March of 2018. As for Yoel –- who by the way came up short in his bid to win the interim title against Robert Whittaker – looks to return to action on February 24, 2018 in Florida.

Perhaps against this guy.

What say you Maniacs, is Romero’s criticism of Bisping’s overall body of work fair? Or has “The Count” done enough in your eyes to prove he can win the big fights?

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