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Video: Dana White has Bright idea, bans Orcs from competing in UFC

Slow news everything day, but at least it beats this.

Netflix is rolling out a buddy-cop movie starring Will “Don’t Call Me Fresh Prince” Smith, a veteran police officer reluctantly paired off with an orc cop, because in the world of Bright, humans co-exist with mythical creatures like orcs, elves, fairies, and ethical fight promoters.

It’s basically a rip off of Alien Nation (and about 100 other things).

I guess Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has a sponsorship agreement with Netflix, which would explain this mildly-amusing video promo that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Matt Serra is slowly turning into a meatball a la The Fly.

Seriously, how round can one man get?

As you might expect, the YouTube comments were more entertaining than the actual video, but since it’s the Friday before Christmas and content is light, I’ll post just about anything.

Wait, I do that anyway.

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