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Colby Covington received death threats after spoiling ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Covington vs Kim David McIntyre-USA TODAY Sports

Even if it isn’t fight related, UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington seems to always get himself in hot water.

The controversial 170-pound fighter rubbed a ton of people the wrong way when he spoiled the ending of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” last week on Twitter. Despite his wrongdoing, Covington has no regrets for ruining one of the biggest movies of 2017 for one of the most dedicated fan bases around.

“Man, let’s be honest,” Covington said in a recent interview with BJ Penn Radio host Jason Kindschy. “Star Wars is for nerds and virgins. I did them a favor, Jason. They should be thanking me, instead of sending me death threats. And no, I didn’t watch it, Jason. I got laid. I went to Reddit, and all my haters are virgins, so it was an easy way to ruin their pathetic lives.”

“Come on, man. I ain’t got two and a half hours to waste in my fucking life on some retarded movie like that,” he said. “I’d rather just ruin it for all the nerds and virgins in the world. That’s all my haters, anyways.”

As a result of his social media trolling, Covington has been bombarded with egregious responses, including death threats and implications that he’d have a future encounter with ISIS.

“Yes, I did receive death threats,” Covington explained. “People said they were going to bomb my house in Oregon. People were saying that they hope ISIS burns my family and this and that.

“Yeah, ISIS,” he continued. “They said ‘I hope ISIS burns your family.’”

Just when you thought Covington was in the clear after getting pelted by a Fabricio Werdum boomerang he goes and sticks his neck out again on social media. And even though Covington did his best to ruin the anticipation for “nerds” worldwide, his spoiling efforts still aren’t on par with this guy.