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Alistair Overeem is not retiring so shut up and stop asking

UFC 209: Overeem v Hunt Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender, Alistair Overeem, has been knocked out 11 times in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, a frightening statistic when you consider these ramifications.

While those of you with stock in adult diapers might be rejoicing, the rest of us -- concerned with such trivial matters as fighter safety and longterm health — were troubled to learn “Demolition Man” isn’t considering retirement.

“Unfortunately it isn’t my face on the UFC 220 poster but still as a fight fan I can say it’s going to be a good scrap,” the hulking Dutchman wrote on Twitter. “I don’t really have a favorite so may the best man win and for all the people that are telling that I should retire. Sorry guys I’m already in the gym!”

Overeem, who amassed nearly 75 fights between MMA and kickboxing, turns 38 in May.

Some of his accolades include heavyweight belts in both Strikeforce and DREAM, as well as a championship title for K-1 kickboxing back in 2010. The UFC heavyweight strap, however, continues to elude him.

And his chance to rematch Stipe Miocic at UFC 220 ended here.

How much longer “The Reem” (43-16, 1 NC) continues to compete remains to be seen, but if he continues to lose by knockout, the athletic commissions will have a responsibility to protect him from himself.

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