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Midnight Mania! You need to see this spinning elbow knockout by Gaston Bolanos

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

“DreamKiller” Gaston Bolanos is pretty good at spinning elbows. In fact, his coach at CSA Gym, Kirian Fitzgibbons, once said Jon Jones doesn’t knock people out with spinning elbows because he doesn’t time them correctly. Bolanos does. This is, in fact, his specialty; he has (at least) five spinning elbow knockouts in kickboxing and Muay Thai competition. Now that he’s fighting in MMA, we get to see him do the same thing in the Bellator cage. He truly makes it look effortless.

Here’s another angle of tonight’s knockout.

Here’s a thread with his earlier knockouts, courtesy of Bestrafer7


Oh yeah, Brett Johns did a calf slicer today too, only the second in UFC history.

High quality video

Someone asked Julie Kedzie why she was still in college (grad school) at 40.

Uh... is this supposed to roll off the stage like this?

Also... Nicco Montana (it’s Montano). Whoever did this must be an intern on loan from Reebok.

In stark contrast to this card is UFC 218 tomorrow night:

The biggest guys in MMA

Derrick Lewis, social media must-follow


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Great artwork


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This looks interesting

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I have a rule about anything political in Midnight Mania- it has to have comedic value entirely apart from political stance. This passes that test. Or maybe I just watched Idiocracy and the similarities are striking. Either way, maybe they should hold off on passing this until they can discuss it a little more?

This is also genuinely funny. Raising taxes on grad students to fund private jet ownership. Amazing.

Oh, and if you happen to live in these states, feel free to call these numbers.

You read that? Here’s a picture of an otter as reward

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