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Floyd Mayweather is seriously talking to Dana White about a UFC run

On his latest podcast, Joe Rogan confirmed that Mayweather is talking to the UFC about fighting in mixed martial arts.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather has been making some big statements about fighting in the UFC, but up until now most of us have assumed it's nothing but talk. But now Joe Rogan is confirming that Mayweather isn't just saying stuff to his fans. He's actually been in touch with UFC president Dana White about an MMA run.

"Floyd talked about it. This is one thing I can tell you," Rogan said in his latest MMA Podcast. "Dana told me that Floyd wants to make a deal in the UFC. Like legitimately. I texted him, I go 'Is Floyd really talking about fighting MMA?' He goes 'Yeah, he's f**king crazy. I told him he'd get killed. But he's still talking about doing it."

Last week Mayweather hosted a fan Q&A livestream and sounded gung-ho about the idea of a couple of UFC fights ... or at least the money he could make off them.

"If I want, I can go, I can come right back to the UFC, I can go fight in the Octagon," Floyd said. "I can do a three or four fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars."

At the time it sounded crazy, and still does. Floyd has no MMA experience and would likely get pasted by anyone in the UFC due to his complete lack of ground skills. And it's not like he's got killer KO power that would give him a chance of winning in the first 30 seconds. But he's not wrong about the kind of money he could make, and these days the UFC seems to be all about making those big money fights.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is this something you'd want to see, just for the freakshow factor? Or are you sick of the combat sports world turning into a sideshow circus of crossover fights?

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