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Kamaru Usman says Dana White is protecting his new potential cash cow Darren Till

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Darren Till recently went on record saying he would face anybody, anywhere, at anytime. Unfortunately, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) doesn’t seem to want to let Till have his way.

That’s according to Kamaru Usman, who says UFC president Dana White is protecting Till, as evidenced by the fact Usman was rejected multiple times by the promotion when he asked for a fight against the British banger after his fight against Emil Meek was temporarily halted and Colby Covington refused to face him.

“I couldn’t get anyone else. The fight was offered to a couple other guys. Darren Till talked a big game at me and we had a little go on Twitter. But let’s be honest, Dana White is protecting him. I asked for Darren Till and I said I would even fly overseas, fly to Liverpool, fly to England to main event there,” said Kamaru on a recent edition of The MMA Hour.

“Or we could main event in Orlando. And they said, ‘No, Dana has plans for him,’ Which, let’s be honest, I have no problem with that and I understand what Dana is doing. He sees another person he can build in the U.K. Bisping is almost out and he sees Till as a guy he can build as a money-making guy for him. And I understand that, but these guys are going to have to fight me at some point.”

White does seem to be high on Till.

Eventually the promotion re-booked Usman to face Meek at UFC Fight Night 124 on Jan. 14, 2018 (more on that here). Still, “The Nigerian Nightmare” says he did his part, and then some, to try and get a fight against Till.

And just so there or no misunderstandings, Usman says if Till had his choice to face him he would, unlike Colby Covington.

“Darren Till, I believe he would fight me if it were his choice. But, let’s be honest, Dana is protecting him, that’s fine. But Colby Covington, they have offered me to him on three separate occasions and he said no. So they moved us to UFC 220 and I said fine, I’ll take Emil” he concluded.

Should Usman prove victorious against Meek, he plans on trying to secure a fight against Colby for the fourth time, and he wants the pot sweetened by having the promotion set them up as rival coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

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