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UFC Winnipeg, The Morning After: this mouthguard had one job

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What you may have missed from last night

Mouthguards generally have one job, and it’s to keep you from getting your teeth knocked out. In combat sports, that is generally a far more important function than other sports because knocking your teeth out is exactly what the other guy, or girl, is attempting to do.

It’s safe to say this mouthguard failed. In fact, it failed grotesquely and spectacularly. The owner of this mouthguard, apparently an MMA fighter in China (no more detail was provided than that) is going to hope their insurance covers very extensive dental procedures.

The fighter in question may have won. But chances are, that will be small consolation to them unless someone is able to work a surgical miracle on their mouth. Even so, they are in for a lot more pain and trouble than they likely ever bargained for. I look at this and see myself as lucky. I only broke my jaw winning my first amateur MMA fight. At this point in time four years ago, I thought that was pretty bad. It cost me Christmas food and my birthday cake, as I glumly sipped eggnogg through teeth wired together. But at least I still have teeth.

Just another reason for all of us to be thankful this Christmas. All of us, except the owner of that mouthguard, that is.

Sunday Funday

Tim Elliot got the better end of the deal when compared to Ricardo Lamas last night.

Daniel Cormier was as in awe as we all were after the effects of Josh Emmett’s hook from hell.

Everyone and their rival were calling out Rafael Dos Anjos last night. I would love to see the Stephen Thompson matchup- but can’t deny the effectiveness of Darren Till’s social media game here. Gorilla emojis are his trademark.

I’m happy for Julian Marquez and his extra $50,000 dollars. This is hilarious and heartwarming- and a reminder that, if the UFC brass hadn’t seen fit to award him the bonus, he only would have made 16,000 dollars. These are professional athletes that make barely middle-class incomes if they can stay healthy enough to fight three or more times a year.

Iranian Greco-Roman world champion Amir Aliakbari signed with ACB instead of Rizin because he needs a place to develop his fledgling MMA career. Also, pretty flower in the background there, nice touch.

That IS a guaranteed KO. File this under “tweets that don’t age well” from Chase Sherman.

Conor McGregor takes a second to appreciate his fans

New Profile Pic for Angela Hill

In Other Worlds

This uppercut is picture-perfect, or GIF-perfect, as the case may be.

Vitaly Minakov is now 21-0 at heavyweight


I don’t know what this is called. Anyone?

Two weeks ago, Bolanos was knocking someone out in Bellator with his signature spinning elbow. This weekend, he KOed someone in Muay Thai with this body shot:

Enjoy your Sunday, Maniacs!