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Kelvin Gastelum spits fire at Luke Rockhold over ‘midget’ remarks

We imagine things between Gastelum and Rockhold will only get more heated until their inevitable throwdown.

UFC Fight Night: Bisping v Gastelum Photo by Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

When it comes to middleweights deserving of a titleshot in a post-GSP landscape, Kelvin Gastelum certainly comes to mind. He'd be 3-1 at middleweight if it wasn't for an eye-roller of a drug test failure for marijuana that turned his win over Vitor Belfort into a No Contest. He's regularly anchored UFC Fight Night cards and accepted a last minute switch from Anderson Silva to Michael Bisping in his last outing.

But instead of getting the call to fight undisputed champ Robert Whittaker at UFC 221 in Perth, the UFC went with Luke Rockhold instead, who hasn't done much other than sit on the sidelines slagging the UFC for bunging up the division. While in Australia doing promos for 221, Rockhold threw shade at Gastelum for being upset about the choice, calling him a midget.

Now Gastelum is responding.

The good news is that with Gastelum as active as he is, he's bound to get his gloves on Rockhold and/or Whittaker soon enough. That is, if there's not another situation where the middleweight champ plays injured until a big money fight appears on the horizon, holding up the belt for an entire year. But that would never happen again, would it?

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