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Tim Elliott vs. Pietro Menga off UFC Winnipeg after Menga can’t make weight

Menga made it to 131 pounds before doctors stopped him from going any further.

Esther Lin

Botched weight cuts have cost us another fight and UFC fighter Tim Elliott a chance at making his win money.

Pietro Menga was a late replacement for the injured Justin Scoggins, and apparently the two weeks he had to prepare for the fight wasn't enough to get his weight where it needed to be for their 125 pound fight. According to MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani, Menga was taken to the hospital with kidney problems.

“Got to 131 and the doctors wouldn’t let me continue cutting weight due to health risks,” Menga informed MMA Fighting. “He was offered the fight still with weight difference and declined.”

A clearly unimpressed Tim Elliott took to Twitter to complain about the situation. While he'll be paid his show money for showing, there's no way for him to win his win money without the fight going down.

"I should not get half my pay because other fighters can't do their jobs," he wrote. "First opponent got injured, seconds missed weight."

We don't want to blame Elliott for any of this, but if he wanted a shot at his win bonus then maybe he shouldn't have turned down the fight? If Menga was accurate and Elliott did turn it down. We kinda figure once you’re taken to a hospital, the fight is likely off regardless. What do you think, Maniacs?

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