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Jim Ross: I’d be shocked if WWE and Conor McGregor aren’t in touch

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross continues to beat the drum for Conor McGregor’s eventual WWE participation.

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Is Conor McGregor going to pop up in the WWE? There's no evidence that a deal is on the horizon, but McGregor himself revealed that the WWE has reached out and tried to get him for WrestleMania in the past. And now insider and legendary commentator Jim Ross is giving his thoughts on the situation.

"Look, I don’t have this concrete information or source telling me all that good stuff, I would be very surprised if the two parties on some level haven’t had some kind of communication," Ross told Submission Radio. "It may be lawyer to lawyer, probably that more than anything, but just to feel out interest. Conor is another global star and Conor will sell wrestling tickets, because for a one-off, for a one-time deal he’ll sell tickets to see how he’s going to do."

As for how McGregor would fare in the notoriously drama-fueled WWE locker room, especially after all that trash he's spewed about WWE Superstars in the past? Ross doesn't think there'd be any serious heat to deal with.

“Different generation, different time," he said. "The thing about the theory that you mentioned there of Conor coming in and making a big payday and leaving, well, while he’s getting to that payday and at that payday he’s generating revenue for the company, and the talent share in the revenues on the discretionary payroll. So, all Conor is gonna do is cook bigger pies for the wrestlers to get a bigger slice."

So it seems like the only thing keeping McGregor out of the squared circle is an offer big enough to entice him. But given how much money he's become used to making, could the WWE evet put up enough, even just to have McGregor show up like Shaq or Trump for a gimmick appearance?

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