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Bellator 191 results: 'McDonald vs Ligier' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator 191 ‘McDonald vs Ligier’ takes place Fri., Dec. 15, 2017 at Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England. MMA Mania will bring you full coverage of all of tonight’s action!

McDonald vs Ligier
Bellator 191
Bellator MMA

Bellator 191 “McDonald vs. Ligier” takes place TONIGHT (December 15, 2017) at Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England. The top fight tonight is “Mayday” Michael McDonald (17-4) making his Bellator MMA debut against Peter Ligier (8-1-1) at 135 pounds.

This card will also see former UFC fighter Valerie Letourneau (8-6) make the move up to Flyweight for a promotional debut against a local English fighter named Kate Jackson (9-2-1).

Bellator 191 will start at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 191) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Michael McDonald vs. Peter Ligier -- McDonald UD 30-27 X3.
Valerie Letourneau vs. Kate Jackson -- Letourneau UD 30-27 X3.
James Thompson vs. Philip De Fries -- De Fries via sub (guillotine) 1:33 R1.
Lewis Monarch vs. Jeremy Petley -- Petley SD 27-30, 29-28 X2.
Mohammad Yahya vs. Ash Griffiths -- Yahya TKO 3:26 R1.


Michael McDonald vs. Peter Ligier

The main event tonight is being contested at a catch weight of 138 pounds because Michael McDonald missed weight. His record is 17-4 and “BadAzz” Peter Ligier is 8-1-1. Ligier sports the blue gloves and black trunks. McDonald sports the red gloves and white trunks with black trim. Ligier fights out of Paris, France and McDonald fights out of Modesto, California. Our referee for the main event is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Ligier takes the center early. McDonald pushes his way back in, both hands up high, switching up his stance and connecting with a right leg kick. Ligier eats a knee and a left hook at 1:05. Ligier is knocked off balance by another shot to the face but recovers. Left jab lands flush. Ligier lands a right hook at 1:45. McDonald and Ligier clinch up and Ligier connects with a right knee as they break at 2:38. The size advantage McDonald has is more and more apparent as this round wears on. Ligier tries to catch a kick but McDonald stumbles away, ducks under a strike and briefly wrestles Ligier down — he pops up though and pushes McDonald into the fence with short time left. McDonald reverses and digs for the takedown. R1 ends near the fence 10-9 McDonald.

Round 2: Things stall out early against the fence until McDonald breaks with a right hand on the exit at 1:22. Ligier keeps trying to chase and land a shot, he pushes McDonald to the fence again, but when he goes for the leg trip McDonald gets a hip toss instead and connects with a knee as he breaks away. McDonald catches a leg and takes Ligier straight down into side control at 2:32. Ligier recovers to half guard as McDonald tries to step over into full mount and they end up back on the feet at 3:01. Ligier pushes him into the fence one more time as John McCarthy looks on with a minute left. McDonald catches a right knee to the cup and McCarthy calls time. After the reset McDonald attacks with a flurry and lands an uppercut, forcing Ligier to clinch up again. Another 10-9 for McDonald.

Round 3: 50 seconds in we’re back on the fence again with Ligier throwing knees at McDonald’s legs, which he counters into a takedown, but Ligier pops right back up. McDonald eats a few elbows to the head as he goes for another takedown but he gets it at 1:30. A little blood trickles from just around McDonald’s right eye onto the canvas. It looks nasty but it’s not in a spot that will impair his vision. McDonald is returning the favor by elbowing him on top even as McCarthy calls for more work at 2:44. Another call for work at 3:31. Time and blood trickle away as Ligier jumps back to his feet at 3:38 and is taken right back down by McDonald. He could ride out side control for the last 60 seconds but instead tries to take the back and lets Ligier get to his knees. Ligier stands up and McDonald goes for a guillotine. Ligier pops out with just over 20 seconds. Ligier lands a couple more elbows but I’d still score this round for McDonald.

Final result: Michael McDonald wins a unanimous decision of 30-27 X3.

Valerie Letourneau vs. Kate Jackson

Jackson is out first in the blue gloves, black top and black trunks, coming in off an injury TKO win over Colleen Schneider in her last Bellator fight. Her career record is 9-2-1. “Trouble” Valerie Letourneau has on red gloves, a black shirt and black trunks, sporting a career record of 8-6. Jackson fights out of Cornwall, England and Letourneau fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida by way of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our referee is John McCarthy.

Round 1: A tap of gloves starts us off. Jackson and Letourneau stay in the center testing each other’s range. Eventually Jackson starts to circle on the outside and eats a right hand from Letourneau. Letourneau throws the leg kicks and keeps searching for the right but Jackson stings her with a one two combo at 1:47. Jackson keeps testing the defenses by throwing out a head kick and Letourneau finally returns the favor. Blood trickles down Jackson’s left cheek. Letourneau connects with a left hook. Letourneau and Jackson clinch up and Jackson pushes her into the fence. Letourneau pushes her away and throws the right. Spinning back kick from Jackson. Letourneau is controlling the cage and looking to cut angles on Jackson. 10-9 Letourneau.

Round 2: Letourneau is setting the tempo early in R2 and she throws out a left high kick at 33 seconds. A right hook connects. Every time Jackson steps forward now Letourneau blasts her with a counter shot. Jackson eats a combo at 1:22. It’s probably easier to see on Jackson’s pale skin but she’s getting bruised and battered all over her face. Jackson shoots for a takedown as we pass the two minute mark and Letourneau immediately goes for an armbar and/or triangle. She lets the armbar go for a bit, goes back to it again, Jackson finally escapes and Letourneau stands over the top of her at 3:32. Jackson lays on her back and eats repeat leg kicks until McCarthy stands her up at 4:05. Jackson tries a spinning back kick to no effect. Letourneau lands another combo. Straight left hand to the face for Letourneau. Liver kick follows. Decisive 10-9 for Letourneau.

Round 3: A glove tap opens our third and final round. Letourneau continues to push forward relentlessly. She mixes body kicks and leg kicks in with the left jab and counter right hook over and over. Jackson may have the better record on paper but Letourneau is clearly showing that she’s fought better competition and trained with better teammates (including her former opponent Joanna Champion). Jackson keeps getting marked up and that left eye appears to be swelling shut. She’ll need a lot of ice after this fight. Stellar multiple punch combo from Letourneau as we pass the three minute mark. Now the right side of Jackson’s face is bloody. Jackson has basically become a human punching bag at this point. Letourneau looks like she could go two more rounds (and has before). Ranallo quips that Jackson is leaking more than Eminem’s new album. This could even be a 10-8 round for Letourneau. The judges will decide shortly.

Final result: The judges score this fight 30-27 X3 for Valerie Letourneau by unanimous decision.

James Thompson vs. Philip De Fries

De Fries enters first in the blue gloves and black trunks for a battle of colossal titans. Speaking of which Thompson enters wearing red gloves and trunks tonight. De Fries is 13-6 and Thompson is 20-16. De Fries weighed in at 261 and Thompson at the 266 limit. De Fries fights out Sunderland, England and Thompson out of Bristol, England. Our referee in charge is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: De Fries takes Thompson down eight seconds after the opening bell. Thompson scoots his way backward to the fence. De Fries counters Thompson as he tries to post up on a hand, then draws a warning from Roberts for grabbing the fence as he gets back to his feet. De Fries wrestles him back to the ground at 1:14 but he stands right back up looking for a takedown and De Fries pulls guard for a guillotine choke and taps Thompson out for only the third time ever.

Final result: Philip De Fries wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:33 of the first round.

Lewis Monarch vs. Jeremy Petley

Round 1: Unaired on Spike TV.

Final result: Jeremy Petley wins a split decision of 27-30 and 29-28 X2.

Mohammad Yahya vs. Ash Griffiths

Griffiths sports white trunks and blue gloves for his Bellator debut, hailing from Newcastle and sporting a record of 4-4. Yahya has black trunks and red gloves, hailing from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, holding a career record of 4-1. Yahya weighed in at 163 and Griffiths at 170.5. Our referee in charge of this fight is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: A tap of gloves gets us underway. Griffiths moves forward aggressively leading with his left leg, but Griffiths clinches with him and takes him down at the 40 second mark. Griffiths drops elbows as he looks to pull his left leg through and take side control. Yahya makes a mighty lunge backward and is able to get back to his feet. Griffiths pulls guard for a guillotine but Yahya pops his head out and is on top in guard at 2:10. Griffiths is trying to hold onto the arms to prevent ground and pound. Yahya jumps up at 2:50. Griffiths throws an upkick. Yahya jumps back on for some ground and pound, Griffiths gets up and is taken back down, Griffiths gives up his back and covers up, Yahya continues to pound on the turtled up Griffiths and it’s waved off.

Final result: Mohammad Yahya wins via ground and pound TKO at 3:26 of the first round.

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