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Fabricio Werdum fined $600 for boomerang brawl with Colby Covington in Australia

So get this: In Australia it only costs $600 to bean someone in the face with a boomerang. What a deal.

When UFC heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum was caught on film hurling a boomerang at Colby Covington's face, it looked like he might be in a lot of trouble. That's assault!

Well, it turns out it's only 'common assault' in Australian law, and even without returning to Australia to face the charges in court, Werdum was only fined $600 for the incident.

What a deal. Cheaper than a plane ticket!

The two fighters had their run in at the UFC fighter hotel in the lead-up to UFC Sydney in November, which Werdum was headlining opposite Marcin Tybura. Covington had become enemy number one of many Brazilian fighters after an incendiary victory speech in Sao Paolo weeks earlier. Covington also claims Werdum sucker punched him, but none of that’s on camera.

So you've got Covington behaving badly and Werdum behaving badly, which is getting to be the norm with both of them. Meanwhile, the UFC continues to stand on the sidelines doing nothing as its fighters regularly violate its code of conduct policy. At least Australia went ahead and did something, even if the $600 fine is a bit of a joke for a six figure purse fighter like Werdum to pay.

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