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Fan asks Forrest Griffin to sign picture of Anderson Silva knocking him out

Nothing awkward about this at all.

Forrest Griffin -- Esther Lin

MMA fans are just brutal sometimes.

Ask Aljamain Sterling, who suffered one of the scariest knockouts of the year only to have everyone lol over his unconscious body doing the dab. Ask Alistair Overeem, who got a similar treatment after being uppercutted viciously by power puncher Francis Ngannou. Or talk to Forrest Griffin, who just got some 'fan mail' from someone asking him to sign a trading card ... of him rolling on the canvas after Anderson Silva knocked him out.

Kids today don’t give a fuck I love it! Got fan mail to sign nice card

A post shared by Forrest (@forrestgriffin) on

"Kids today don’t give a f**k I love it!" Griffin wrote on Instagram. "Got fan mail to sign nice card."

Griffin's had enough time and experience to get over any hard feelings he has about the Silva knockout. It went down at UFC 101 in 2009, and since then has been heavily featured in a ton of UFC ads and pretty much any media promoting Anderson Silva.

Still, you gotta have quite the sack to send a picture of a fighter splayed out on his ass with the request to sign it. And then include your return address with the letter.

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