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Midnight Mania! Dustin Poirier has two wrapped gifts for Eddie Alvarez this Christmas

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Dustin Poirier wants to make sure Eddie Alvarez has a very merry Christmas. He’s made that pretty clear.

He also doesn’t believe Eddie is getting anything else for Christmas, so he might as well take the stocking full of whoop-ass Poirier wants to serve up.

Their first fight, which ended in a no-contest after Alvarez landed a couple illegal knees, was shaping up to be an all-time classic, and they both won their subsequent fights via gritty third-round stoppage. Eddie Alvarez stopped Justin Gaethje cold at UFC 218, while Dustin Poirier made Anthony Pettis quit back at UFC: Norfolk. Nothing could make more sense- but Alvarez claims a rematch with Poirier would be a step backwards. But that’s what’s great about this matchup- neither man likes to take a step back.


Case gave me a preview of this weeks ago, and I’m pretty happy it finally got released, because it’s hilarious. Mike Perry tells the story of meeting a barefoot Darren Till on the cold streets of Gdansk!

It’s always interesting to me to see how fighters work out before a bout

Me: Posts my address publicly just so Forrest Griffin can send me a Christmas card

Chokeholds are just a little different in the wild, when they are by jaguars. Or maybe they are the same- Cub Swanson did say he felt like he was going to die getting choked by Brian Ortega.

Nah. Jaguar chokes are different.

Luke Rockhold is confident he’s going to win.

Two time.

A post shared by Luke Rockhold (@lukerockhold) on

The many forms of BJ Penn

Today in 2009 saw the peak form of BJ Penn

Kawhi Leonard is UFC ready

Combat sports this weekend:

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Delayed reaction KOs are the weirdest KOs

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory:

Galore Bofando is an insanely athletic fighter

It just gets better

He slams people too

You can see the moment the pain registers in Tokoro’s face. I hope his ligaments were okay

Spinning backfist delayed KO

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Paul Felder on becoming a UFC commentator:

Good Reads

Random Land

First of all, they are practicing their grappling skills...

When you’ve been brushing up on drone hunting with your javeline

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