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Aljamain Sterling‏ is taking all those dab memes about his KO loss pretty well

Not only did he get brutally knocked out at UFC Fresno, his loss got turned into a meme. But Aljamain ain’t even mad.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Fresno-Moraes vs Sterling Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Moments after Marlon Moraes brutally knocked out Aljamain Sterling with a mean knee to the face at UFC Fresno, a lot of us watching were worried he might be seriously hurt. And then there's another group of people out there, the ones that went "Hur durr, it looks like he's doing the dab!"

No matter where you are on that venn diagram of reactions, you do have to admit that Sterling did indeed look like he was dabbing. That was as clear cut as the infamous jerk off knockout gif that will live on forever in MMA infamy. Even Aljamain Sterling admitted it with a decent amount of good humor while simultaneously recognizing people are going to be bringing that s**t up for years now.

Sterling had to be stretchered out of the cage and taken to the hospital, but updated us later that evening that he was "OK for all those asking."

The loss to Moraes broke a two fight win streak for Sterling that included an impressive decision victory over former bantamweight champ Renan Barao. While this latest setback will keep him out of bantamweight title contention for a while, at least he can now claim the throne as UFC King Of Dabs.

Oh wait...

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