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Chael Sonnen tells ‘crybabies’ to ‘thank’ Colby Covington for being himself

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Whether the mixed martial arts (MMA) world likes it or not, it has been force-fed a heavy dose of Colby Covington.

The rising UFC welterweight contender has resembled a one-man wrecking crew over the past few months. Not only has Covington called out the entire country of Brazil, but he has pressed charges against Fabricio Werdum for a boomerang attack and verbally slayed current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Even his closest teammates can’t predict Covington’s next crazy move.

Fortunately for the brash 29-year-old, a fellow trash talker is beginning to take notice. In fact, Covington’s new No. 1 fan, who happens to be former UFC superstar Chael Sonnen, believes more fighters should take a page out of the American’s book.

“I think people can learn from Colby,” Sonnen said during a recent appearance on BJ Penn Radio. “He’s going to be in that pool by himself, because all these crybabies can’t stand to hear anybody boo them. He’s just being himself and it’s what all fighters should do. We’ll see these fighters come out. They want to act like some religious angel or they’re the world’s nicest guy, when they’re nothing more than a dirty rotten cage fighter.”

“Be whoever you are,” Sonnen continued. “If you’re a funny guy, be the funny guy. If you’re the smart ass, be the smart ass, but just be who you are. Don’t try to fool any of us, and Colby’s not. This is who he is. I’ve known him since he was 11 years old. He’s not working an angle here. This isn’t some act, he’s just sick of staying quiet. He’s tired of it, he feels like he’s been overlooked. Man, I know that feeling. I’ll remind you, one minute ago, you were talking about George St. Pierre, the most decorated, biggest draw in the history of the business and now you’re talking about Colby Covington.”

Remember, outside of UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, Sonnen is widely regarded as the greatest microphone talent MMA has ever seen. It usually takes one to know one and in this case Sonnen understands exactly what Covington is trying to accomplish.

“The guy is doing something right,” Sonnen said. “If he’s hurting a bunch of people’s feelings, well F them anyway. Who’s feelings do you care about, these crybaby fighters or apparently these crybaby fans? And it’s bonus material for us, I mean Colby’s going to fight three times a year, which gives us the opportunity to be entertained by him for 45 minutes a year and this guy’s found a way to keep us entertained 15 hours a day, seven days a week. How about a little thank you too!”

Thank you? Maybe that’s a little much, but Sonnen does have a point. In an age when self exposure is the most readily available option for aspiring fighters, Covington is at the top of the pack. And to think all of his public outbursts, boomerang encounters, anti-Brazil chatter, and champion-bashing trash talk is hitting the MMA airwaves for free.

“We don’t even have to pay for that,” Sonnen added. “I got to pay for his fights three times a year, but the other 362 days he’s giving to us for nothing. How about a little thank you thrown Colby’s way every now and then.”

Covington is coming off a huge victory over Brazilian legend Demian Maia this past October at UFC Fight Night 119, extending his current welterweight win streak to five. He’ll be on the short list of 170-pound title contenders entering 2018.

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