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Miesha Tate still hates Ronda Rousey: 'If we fought a third time I know I would win'

Tate didn’t mince her words when asked how she feels about Ronda Rousey years after their heated rivalry.

ronda rousey miesha tate handshake -- esther

The MMA world was shocked when Miesha Tate decided to retire out of the blue after an uninspired decision loss at UFC 205. It's been a year since then and Tate hasn't looked back, settling into her role as a UFC ambassador and regular on FOX Sports broadcasts.

There haven't been many signs that she's getting the itch to fight again, but it sounds like one person she'd make an exception for is fellow retiree Ronda Rousey.

During an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, a user asked Miesha about her feelings toward Rousey and how a third fight might go.

"The animosity is very real," Tate replied. "It's just not at the forefront of my life anymore. If we fought a third time I know I would win."

Later in the AMA she took a shot at the way Rousey left the UFC.

"We all lose. It just depends how you take it afterwards. I don't really respect her decision to walk away from the sport that gave her so much."

That's not to say it could happen any time soon. When asked if she'd accept the fight if the UFC offered it, she said "At the moment no. I have to be 100% committed in my heart to ever want to fight again."

"I feel really happy and fulfilled being a manager and hosting my own show on SiriusXM as well as making workout videos and movies. A lot of great things happening for me outside of the octagon. ... I've enjoyed the liberty of having holidays to myself. So many times I've had to sacrifice and miss all kinds of important events. Now I can choose when and what I want to do."

And of course because this is Reddit, someone had to ask if she'd fight one Ronda Rousey sized duck or 100 duck sized Ronda Rouseys.

"Definitely 100 duck-sized Ronda Rouseys," Miesha replied. "I'd just kick them all in the head."

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