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Georges St-Pierre thinks he may have suffered a concussion in Michael Bisping fight

GSP reveals the reason he rushed off to the hospital after his win at UFC 217.

MMA: UFC 217-Bisping vs St-Pierre Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Georges St-Pierre took out Michael Bisping during their middleweight title fight at UFC 217, but the fight wasn't without its challenges. According to St-Pierre, Bisping hit him with a shot to the spine early in the fight that blurred his vision and may have even resulted in a concussion.

"I had a very bad injury in the back of my head and I didn't know where it came from," GSP told Ariel Helwani on a special edition of The MMA Hour. "When I rewatched the fight, I'm not 100% sure, but I think it happened in the first round during my first takedown. I was holding Michael Bisping's legs and he elbowed me but the elbow hit me in a particular spot, which is the basilar region of the back of the head, there's a little bone attached to the spinal core."

"It's why after the fight I couldn't even tie up my shoes. My neck couldn't even move, I had an incredible swelling in one of the muscles on the back of the neck, and during the fight when I was on the ground it was very hard for me to posture up to strike. Even know you look at me, my head goes good this way, but this way I'm restricted a little. It's a lot better than it was, but it was very painful."

"When he hit me I saw blurry for a bit," St-Pierre admitted. "I don't know if I had a concussion or something. It may have been a concussion. I keep fighting because when it happens, obviously survival instincts kick in. But when you watch the fight, that particular thing, it looked pretty insignificant. But it wasn't insignificant when I received the shot. It hurt me really bad."

"It's not the force of the blow, it's the precision of it. It's not Michael's fault, you're in the heat of the moment, you fight, I probably would have done the same thing, nothing wrong with that."

It's the kind of thing that you imagine may lead an overthinker like GSP to reconsider an extended stay in the middleweight division. Thus far there doesn't seem to be many people who really expect him to fight interim champ Robert Whittaker next other than Dana White. GSP himself said he signed a contract that Whittaker would be next, but then poured on the doubt himself.

"It's in my contract," he said. "If it gets me excited? I don't know. He's an excellent fighter and he was in Montreal before and he's an incredible martial artist. He's a great champion. I have only positive things to say about Robert Whittaker."

"It's a lot of things, I can't say because it's a lot of force, there's a lot of different things that can change. Mixed martial arts is a sport that changes all the time. Like I said, I wanted to come back to make history, to do something that had never been done before. I know it's in my contract, but you never know, Dana could come back with some proposition or whatever, I don't know."

But don't get your hopes up for McGregor vs. GSP. Georges once again shot that idea down, saying gentlemen don't challenge fighters in lower weight classes.

Damn classy Georges St-Pierre.

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