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Yoel Romero wants to chase down 'scared' Michael Bisping in England

Romero wants the belt and then Bisping, but only because Bisping won’t fight him without the belt.

MMA: UFC 213-Romero vs Whittaker Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Watching UFC 217 must have been bittersweet for UFC middleweight Yoel Romero. While he hates Michael Bisping with the fury of a thousand suns, he probably also wanted to be the guy to take the belt off his nemesis. Now Georges St-Pierre has the 185 pound strap, and you can add Romero to the list of guys who thinks he won't be defending it.

“Georges will not stay at middleweight because he doesn’t want to fight the top guys either," he told "Just like Bisping did not want to fight the top guys. We all know this."

"I want to rematch Robert Whittaker for the UFC championship after GSP vacates the title. Once I become the champion I will then callout Michael Bisping for a title fight in London this March. The only way Bisping will ever fight me is if I am the champion. So I have to beat Robert Whittaker. Bisping is scared. He has always been scared. But he would fight me for the title. I know this. I want to beat him up in England as the champion.”

That's an interesting chain of events to get Yoel in front of Michael Bisping. It's just as likely that the UFC will simply face the two off against each other without a belt on the line. After all, the biggest hype and money fights involve either Romero or Luke Rockhold, and we suspect Bisping would rather face Romero than potentially tarnish his knockout victory over Rockhold.

But it’s all just speculation at this point, and may continue to be for a while until Georges St-Pierre gives us a peek into his plans moving forward. GSP is appearing on a special edition of The MMA Hour on Thursday. Is this just a victory lap interview or is the new middleweight champ ready to confirm whether he’s going to defend or vacate?

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