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GSP vs. McGregor? Dana White says 'Conor would take any fight'

While it doesn’t sound likely, White admits he never says never when it comes to Conor Mcgregor.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor World Press Tour - Toronto Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Following Georges St-Pierre's impressive comeback win over Michael Bisping at UFC 217, casual fan interest in a GSP vs Conor McGregor fight has been through the roof. It's to the point where TMZ cameramen can't stop Dana White on the street and ask him some questions without random people asking White about Georges and Conor fighting too.

"The fact that he came back after a four year layoff, Ali didn't even look the same after a three year layoff," White said. "So ... impressive."

"Is Conor and him gonna fight?" a random voice off camera asked.

"No, Conor and him won't ... listen, I never say never, but he weighs 185 and Conor weighs 155."

"Conor would take that fight," the mystery interviewer interjected.

"Conor would take any fight," White admitted with a smile.

TMZ managed to get a few questions in as well, asking about rumors that McGregor might return as soon as UFC 219.

"Yeah, we're talking about it," White said. "That's what he wanted to do, but when you make 80 million bucks, things change. When you make that kind of money, it can change it. Tony Ferguson, that's the guy. He's the interim champion."

It sounds like McGregor is asking for a hefty pay increase, and with very few options available to round out UFC 219 he may have the UFC over a barrel once again. But hey, the promotion has never had a problem pulling an interim belt out of the ether when they can't find a champion to step up.

That certainly sounds more likely than the UFC forking out something closer to the $80 mil McGregor made in boxing than the $15 mil he made in the past with the UFC.

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