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Midnight Mania! Dana White announces Stephen Thompson vs Darren Till in England (not Orlando)

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UFC 217: Thompson v Masvidal Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Dana White was at a talk at the Wild Card boxing gym with Freddie Roach today, and he made a major announcement: Stephen Thompson, fresh off his unanimous decision win over Jorge Masvidal, will be travelling across the pond to fight popular English welterweight Darren Till. Till most recently knocked out Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC: Gdansk on Fight Pass. Now he gets the opportunity to put himself directly in title contention against another talented striker.

The matchup is stylistic gold. There are interesting similarities between the two; Till fights from southpaw and relies on a sharp left straight, a powerful left kick, and excellent timing on his counters. Against Cerrone, Till showed marked improvements, or at least tactical adjustments, pressuring “Cowboy” into the cage. Without space to operate, Cerrone looked stymied, and fell prey to Till’s sharp one-two and vicious follow-up. That pressure game will be interesting to see against the outfighting Wonderboy, who relies on creating space for his darting karate movements and unorthodox arsenal of kicks.

Thompson nearly edged out Tyron Woodley for the belt, but first drew, then lost by majority decision to the champion. Their second fight, at UFC 209, was such a boring waiting game, each fighter too wary to commit to their offense, that Thompson is effectively frozen out of the title picture as long as Woodley is champion. As such, this fight represents a chance for Thompson to hold position and establish dominance over one of the new generation of welterweights moving into the rankings. For Till, beating Wonderboy would put him near the front of the queue for a title shot, right behind the winner of Robbie Lawler-Rafael Dos Anjos.


Who wins this one and how?

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    Till by decision
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    Till by knockout
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