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Colby Covington claims he broke Tyron Woodley in the gym, wants a title shot in January

The welterweight contender is going full bad guy trying to earn himself a shot at the 170 pound champ.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Sao Paulo-Maia vs Covington Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Colby Covington seems to be getting the hang of this wrestling heel thing.

The UFC welterweight contender set Brazil alight with some offensive trash talk after his defeat of Demian Maia, and now he's once again turning his attention to 170 pound champ Tyron Woodley. The UFC may not be sticking a mic in front of Covington any time soon, but the folks at Impact Wrestling talked to him backstage where he used the airtime to call out Woodley.

“Man, the guy is making all these excuses," Covington said. "He doesn’t want to tell the world the real reason he doesn’t want to fight me. The real reason Tyron Woodley doesn’t want to fight me is because the last time we were in the gym together, I broke him. And I’ll do the same thing in front of the world when we fight for that welterweight champions, Tyron Woodley."

"January makes sense, you know. They’re doing a UFC in St Louis, his hometown, so let’s see if he can defend the home turf.”

“I’m the money fight for you, Tyron Woodley," he finished. "I’m number three. You already fought number one and number two. I’m next in line. Stop making excuses. Everybody says I’m a racist but I’m a realist. I’m saying the truth. Everything I’m saying is truth and what I’m saying is Tyron Woodley, you’re next.

“I’m going to finish you just like I did to Demian Maia. You couldn’t beat Demian Maia as bad as I beat Demian Maia. You are next, Tyron Woodley.”

This isn't the first time Covington has attacked Woodley. Back after Woodley threatened to dish dirt on Dana White, Colby threatened to dish dirt right back, claiming he had "some serious dirt" on Woodley "that would ruin his life." Things chilled out soon after between Tyron and Dana and Colby claimed he was just stirring the pot ... which just goes to show you he's always been a s**t disturber, we're just being forced to pay attention these days now that he's at the top of the rankings.

What do you think, Maniacs? You interested in seeing Woodley vs. Covington?

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