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Midnight Mania! Johny Hendricks goes on bizarre rant at media before making weight- “No negative!”

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Johny Hendricks has not had the greatest couple of years since he held the welterweight belt. He has had so many missteps in terms of missing weight, losing fights, jumping weight classes and STILL missing weight, that he has evidently gotten tired of the negative stories the media write about him. So today, at early weigh-ins, he went on a bizarre rant, explaining why he had to take off his underwear to make weight. Parts of the rant were completely unintelligible to me, but hey. At least he DID make it this time.

I, so nobody writes a negative that I was running had to strip, because he missed weight. I misjudged last night that I thought I had some underwear that didn’t weigh anything. Well, I was wrong, so instead of losing 1.4 like I should have, I drank up 1.2, which was my fault. So I lost a 1.2, just not for the underwear count. Which means I should have lost 1.4, so I should have drank only one pound back. So, all you media people, I didn’t miss weight. I just misread the underwear. Okay? No negative! You hear me? No. negative.

We hear you, Johny. No negative. No negative.


Haters will say its photoshopped. Regardless, it ain’t cute. Stop doing this to yourself, James Vick.

None of us want to see Malignaggi box McGregor more than take an MMA fight, but he makes a point: McGregor can make an easy 30 million boxing him (probably much more) which highlights the strength of McGregor’s demands to become a promoter as well as a fighter.

Some badass costumes here by Invicta fighters

That’s a lot of time and effort spent on one comment.

No disrespect to Hendricks, but this does seem like the most likely outcome here.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk chokes out Ryan Seacrest

Derrick Lewis would wear this.

Hooft’s strong mental fighters have included such leading lights as Anthony Johnson, who has never been broken in a fight.

I’m good where I am.

It’s more fun to watch than his fighting style...

He better do it fast because the Mighty Whizbar isn’t lasting as a name. Until I see this, that one is the Mouse Trap.

Jon Jones and Forrest Griffin

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Best flying knee you will see today. Guess what? That’s his debut.

Almost as fast as Andrew Richardson

Yeah, sorry man. No crawling out of there.

One of those fights where one guy just can’t stop the onslaught

Sittichai, master of eight limbs

Yi Long may not be a real monk, but he sure can fight

I would rather see an early stoppage than a late one.

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