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Video: Dana White vows to educate UFC fighters on use of homophobic slurs

The blind leading the blind?

Not long after Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White called a 19-year-old college kid a “fucking pussy” — which resulted in a lawsuit — the Las Vegas fight boss told TMZ that he condemns the use of the word “faggot” because it’s recognized as a homophobic slur.

One that drew an apology from reigning lightweight champion Conor McGregor (read it), who used the word repeatedly when cornering longtime friend and teammate Artem Lobov at a UFC event last month in Gdansk, Poland.

"We've had a problem with that lately. It's been more than him, we've had a problem with that,” White admitted. “It's a thing you have to educate people on and I've had my history with it myself. So it's definitely a problem, and it's something we need to focus on."

Somewhere in the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao is praying.

Other fighters guilty of using the slur include welterweight Donald Cerrone and heavyweight Fabricio Werdum. The former apologized to the LGBT community while the latter ... well, he at least made an effort to explain his position (which doesn’t seem to have changed much since this).

The good news is, the punishments have been fair and just across the board ... oh wait.

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