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Dana White: I'll be super pissed if GSP doesn't defend the middleweight belt

White thinks St-Pierre should fight Robert Whittaker ‘because that’s what we agreed to.’

dana white georges st. pierre

Georges St-Pierre may be contractually obligated to defend his new 185 pound title against Robert Whittaker, but not many people are counting on that actually happening. There's just too many signs that GSP and his team doesn't want it. Georges' lack of enthusiasm for the fight. His coaches leaking stories of how badly the welterweight's body reacted to moving up in weight. At this point, we'd be more surprised if St-Pierre agrees to go ahead with it.

Who knows what Dana White thinks is going to happen, but if it doesn't pan out the way it's supposed to he's going to be "super pissed." He was the one that insisted a defense clause be put into the contract to fight Michael Bisping.

"Because he was jumping all over the map," White explained at a media event. "170, 185, this and that. I said I'll tell you what: you wanna come in and take this shot against Bisping, I'm cool with that. But you gotta defend the title. You can't drop the title after the fight and go somewhere else."

"My thing is, to be the man you gotta beat the man," he continued. "And if a guy just goes away ... listen, if a guy is on a run and undefeated and wants to retire that's one thing, the guy retires the belt. But it's another thing to say I'm going to drop this thing and jump to 170 now. I don't like it."

It probably doesn't help that Georges has already violated Dana's title sensibilities in the past by walking away after his controversial win over Johny Hendricks.

All in all it sets up yet another power struggle between White and St-Pierre. Normally we'd say Georges is pretty likely to live up to his word on the contract, but if he gets it into his head that it's not the best for his health then who knows what will happen next.

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