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FOX lowballs UFC with $200 million offer for television broadcast rights

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Time Warner Cable Studios Presents FOX Sports 1 Thursday Night Super Bash Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Time Warner Cable

How much would you pay to air UFC on TV?

If you’re the FOX network, roughly $200 million. While that sounds like a nice chunk of change for the average Joe, the world’s leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion was hoping to secure more than double that amount when its contract expires in 2018.

That’s according to John Ourand at Sports Business Journal.


FOX signed a seven-year deal with UFC back in 2011 worth roughly $100 million per annum. The network certainly got its money worth, splattering MMA content across multiple stations including FOX, FOX Sports 1, and FX, just to name a few.

Their exclusive negotiating period ended just last month.

UFC has no shortage of suitors and will likely entertain offers from digital media companies as well, like Amazon and Google. Opportunities also exist on cable television, with old rival Showtime kicking over a few rocks to see what’s underneath.

No question UFC, now owned by WME | IMG after last year’s blockbuster sale, is going to end up somewhere soon, but it doesn’t sound like it’s a seller’s market.