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Matt Mitrione: MMA fighters who get popped for steroids should be charged with attempted murder

Matt Mitrione
Matt Mitrione

Shane Carwin recently threw his name in the hat to be an alternate for the upcoming Bellator MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament which will crown a new division champion in 2018.

While nothing was made of his request, yet, one of the participants in the upcoming tourney has no qualms with the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim Heavyweight champion taking part.

As long as he takes and passes a drug test.

“I’ll say this, anyone he fights will definitely want a drug test, that’s for certain,” said Matt Mitrione during a recent interview on The MMA Hour. “If he can pass that, I think anyone would be cool with fighting him. I think that’s going to be a major conversation.”

Though Carwin has never actually failed a drug test, he was implicated in a steroid scandal back in 2010 as a customer who purchased steroids from Applied Pharmacy Services, whose lead pharmacist — J. Michael Bennett — was sentenced to a four-year prison term for selling the prohibited agent.

More on that here.

For Matt, the best punishment for any fighter that is popped for fighting with a system full of steroids should be an attempted murder charge.

“I believe, just let me throw this out there, I believe if anybody fights an MMA fight with steroids or anabolics in their system, they should be charged with attempted murder. If the fight actually goes on, they should be charged with attempted murder,” said Mitrione.

“Steroids affect everything, not just muscles. They affect cardio, squeezing strength, punching strength. If you know how to utilize then it’s really dangerous. Steroids affects cardio positively,” he said. “The amount of oxygen that your red blood cells carry, it increases everything across the board. If you fight with anabolic steroids in your system, if you actually have the fight, its consummated and you get popped you should be charged with attempted murder.”

You got a friend in me and me.

To hear Matt tell it, he doesn’t believe too many heavyweights take or need steroids, and the ones who do only do it to “look sexier.”

How is this for sexy?

Nevertheless, Mitrione will gladly welcome Carwin — who retired from active completion in 2016, five years after his last fight — as part of the tournament as long as he pisses clean.

For now, “Meathead’ will shift all of his attention to his first round opponent, Roy Nelson, as the two hard-hitting brawlers take part in a rematch stemming from their Ultimate Fighter (TUF) days on February 17, 2018.

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