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Video: EA Sports UFC 3 releases 10 minutes of Conor McGregor in-game footage — and the fans hate it

EA Sports is about to release its third mixed martial arts (MMA) video game, in conjunction with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), aptly titled “EA Sports UFC 3.”

But you knew that already.

Gracing the cover will be reigning lightweight champion Conor McGregor (pic), and to show off some of its new features, EA Sports today released 10 minutes of in-game footage featuring the “Notorious” Irishman.

The YouTube commenters were less than enthusiastic.

Is it just me or do the movements look goofy as hell?

I’m gonna be honest...the game looks absolutely fucking terrible XD wtf is this

I knew it was gunna be shit, god dammit. Looks like UFC 1. Why are we going back in time? Also Those KO animations are disappointing.

Tbh the combat looks terrible.


While this is still BETA footage, the developers felt good enough about it to make it public. Not that internet comments are the measuring stick for quality, but people who sit online all day and type dumb stuff (like me) are the target audience, so it’s worth considering.

Then again, I was always a Street Fighter kinda guy (I heart sprites).

To watch the official trailer for EA Sports UFC 3, available on Feb. 2, 2018, for Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 home consoles, which highlights all of the new features and additions, click here.

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