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UFC Fight Night 122 results: Wang Guan drops and splits Alex Caceres in Shanghai

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Caceres vs Knight Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Wang Guan and Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres faced off at UFC Fight Night 122 this morning (Sat., Nov. 25, 2017) inside Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China, streaming live on UFC Fight Pass.

Caceres threw two body kicks and ate two crosses in return. He smiled, seemingly unfazed. Guan kicked Caceres’ legs. They locked up in the clinch for a moment and they traded knees to the cup. The referee stopped the bout to allow time to recover. Dan Hardy got into detail about how a glancing cup blow can be worse than a direct hit. They restarted. Caceres feinted, looking for an opening, but Guan timed a lead hook, staggering Caceres. Caceres smiled and clinched, with Guan looking to take him down unsuccessfully. Guan ducked a left straight and countered with a right. His timing was giving Caceres all kinds of problems. Caceres stayed in the pocket and landed a hard left straight in combination. He hit an overhand left moments later. Guan stepped in and ate a left straight. Caceres landed a bodykick. Guan threw an inside low kick but the southpaw Caceres checked it. Just as the clapper sounded for 10 seconds, Guan dropped Caceres! It was nice lead hook as Caceres stepped in, but Guan didn’t have time to finish the fight before the end of the round.

Guan loaded up on big hooks to start the next round, trying to find Alex Caceres’ chin. He threw a high kick off Caceres’ arms. Caceres landed a body kick. Guan landed a huge right overhand, sending Caceres’ staggering back. Caceres landed a groin kick, but Guan waved it off. Caceres evaded an advancing Guan. Guan just missed with a left hook. Caceres whipped in a wild superman punch that missed. He hit an inside low kick. Guan threw up a fast high kick that just missed. He nearly countered a Bruce Leeroy spin. Guan landed another right hand, Caceres stayed moving. Guan hit a hard right to the body. Caceres kicked him in the body before the round ended.

They touched gloves to start the third round. Caceres set up a high kick with his left hand. They traded kicks to the lead leg. Caceres landed a lead body kick. Alex Caceres lost balance as Guan threw a right, going down for a moment. Caceres got right back up, looking for a switch kick. Caceres slipped on a high kick but got right back up. He stepped into the clinch but Guan reversed it and he broke free. Caceres hit a check hook as Guan landed a right hand. Caceres landed an uppercut and a spinning back kick. His check hook landed on Guan again as Guan looked for his right hand. Caceres landed yet another low blow as a Guan leaned into a low kick. Dan Hardy explained how easy it can be to land a cup kick from southpaw. Guan landed a nice check hook. Caceres landed a high outside knee in the clinch, then missed an elbow on the break. He stepped forward, landing a combination, but the horn sounded to end the round.

Wang Guan won by split decision, which certainly seemed the right call. I have no idea how any judge saw that for Caceres. Fun fight ... great Octagon debut for Guan.

Official result: Wang Guan def. Alex Caceres via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

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