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Rolling Stone includes the Diaz Brothers in their 'Biggest Stoners in Sports' list

Have there ever been stoners more important to the sport of MMA than the Diaz brothers? We think not.

Nick Diaz

For a couple of fighters who aren't actually fighting these days, the Diaz brothers continue to get a lot of love from the mainstream media. The latest example of this? The inclusion of Nick and Nate in Rolling Stone's 'Biggest Stoners In Sports' list.

The Diaz brothers were in pretty fine company that included Arnold Schwarzenegger (whose pot smoking exploits can be seen in the documentary Pumping Iron) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Interestingly enough, the list gave Ronda Rousey an honorable mention. While she's certainly stated that athletes shouldn't be tested for marijuana, there's no indication she's a prolific smoker. She did get high with Joe Rogan though, which gives you mucho weed cred.

Here's what the Rolling Stone profile said about the Diaz Brothers:

Stoner siblings and UFC stars Nick and Nate Diaz are unabashed fandom of the green stuff. With Nate, the dude went so far to call himself the "Number One athletic stoner – besides Michael Phelps" and has no qualms lighting up his vape in front of the spotlight of TV cameras.

Meanwhile, brother Nick has become the ultimate marijuana martyr after years of bong-inspired braggadocio. (The guy even once told the Los Angeles Times: "I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 lbs of water and sweat out 10 lbs of water every day. I'll be fine.")

Unfortunately, Diaz was not fine. In 2015, the the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended him for five years after failing a drug test in spectacular fashion.

While the article touches on Nate vaping with a CBD pen, it doesn't mention the interesting fallout that followed: WADA declared that CBD would no longer be prohibited as a banned substance. While we wouldn't credit Nate solely, that incident after the McGregor fight was such a high profile moment that it undoubtedly pushed CBD legalization forward.

And as much as we may laugh at Nick Diaz for constantly failing drug tests due to marijuana, the injustice of having one of the best fighters out for years over pot was another hot button topic of discussion. So let's thank Nick for the part he played in raising the legal threshold for marijuana, too. Where once even a toke a week or two out from a fight could result in a failed test, now it would take some mad smoking in the days leading up to the fight for a positive test.

Not that this will keep Nick from failing or anything.

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