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Here’s the music video for ‘Zoo,’ the first single off Arianny Celeste’s new album

Arianny Celeste is releasing ‘Zoo’ on December 1st and we’ve got the video for the self-titled single.

Arianny Celeste is about to drop her long awaited debut album.

The longest lasting Octagon Girl on the roster has been dabbling with music for years now. Back in 2012 she released an MMA themed song called ‘Fight To Love Me,’ and soon after that she appeared on a Manufactured Superstars tune called ‘Top of the World.’

Earlier this year a cover of ‘Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You’ quietly appeared on streaming services, but now the s**t's getting real with the release of 'Zoo' on December 1st.

You can watch the album title track video right here, which features a sexy Arianny and her slightly less sexy hench-women capturing some hawt bro and devouring his heart. Literally. It ends with Arianny eating his heart. Fun times!

The video is directed by Andrew Sandler, who has done multiple videos for R&B artist Chris Brown (ugh) and EDM producer R3HAB. The album is produced by Ohio based music makers The Wavys, whose short bio lists them as 'specializing in all things pop/Urban (top 40).'

What do you think, Maniacs?

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