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BJ Penn is 'just hanging out' these days, doesn't feel the fire to compete right now

While BJ isn’t hanging up his gloves, it definitely sounds like he’s put them on the backburner for now.

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What's the deal with BJ Penn? The MMA legend is one of the few fighters to ever hold belts in two weigh classes, but he didn't quite live up to that standard in his recent comeback. No diss ... there's just a certain point where even the best can't continue to hang with the next generation of studs.

Exciting prospect Yair Rodriguez taught him that, and then there was the more disappointing loss to Dennis Siver, which was a fight many felt he should have been able to win. Instead, we saw a flat Penn unable to pull the trigger or get much going. Did he still have the fire? Maybe not, and at least now BJ is saying he won't fight again without it.

“I’m just hanging out, I’m just relaxing, I haven’t really been training or anything,” Penn said on his site's podcast, BJ Penn Radio. “I don’t know, you never know what the future holds but I’m just hanging out. Maybe I’ll start training for fun again and just getting back into it for fun, we’ll see.”

“I don’t feel the fire to compete right now,” he continued. “I’m just kinda hanging out and, I don’t know, I don’t wanna scare anybody and say, ‘Yeah I’m fighting again.’ If I was knocking guys out in the gym all the time then maybe I’d be thinking about it. But I’m gonna go back and start training for fun and just enjoy myself. Just take it easy, enjoy myself.”

“It’s about fire and it’s about that burning drive and that burning desire on the inside to wanna be someone, wanna be something, make a name for yourself, gain some respect, make a life for yourself. That is a big part of the whole thing.”

“I’m gonna be taking it a day at a time and yep, just raise the kids,” he concluded. “We’ll see. I’ll be training but we’ll see. Never know what happens next year. Not saying I’m gonna fight or anything but who knows what’s gonna happen.”

Penn is currently 38, and we're not sure anything we've seen implies his combat skills are aging like fine wine. Even if it's a situation where it's legend vs. legend, we're just not sure if there's enough of the old blood licking s**t kicking Penn left to make another return worthwhile.

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