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Midnight Mania! UFC is asking 450 million per year for TV deal... but probably won’t get it

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jason Cruz of MMA Payout is reporting that the UFC is asking a high price to carry it’s product- but it may have trouble getting it. 450 million dollars per year is a steep increase from the current FOX deal, 120 million.

The Sports Business Journal reports the UFC’s current state of negotiating a new media rights package once its deal with FOX is up. Currently, the new asking price of $450M per year is a stiff increase that is not garnering a lot of interest at this point.

The current deal with FOX is worth $120 million per year (with it jumping to $160 million for the last year) for the 7 year deal which ends at the end of 2018. The UFC is looking to increase its rights fee to $450 million per year. Traditional media companies appear to be weary of the hefty ask.

The UFC has been considering other options- Amazon, for instance, might be a potential contender to carry the UFC product on it’s all-digital platform. That would be a move without precedent, and a risky one.

There is another concern for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s negotiating power: they might have competition from the WWE.

SBJ notes that with the WWE’s media rights deal coming up in the fall of 2019, the market and bargaining leverage might be hindered for the UFC. WWE has met with Fox earlier this summer as part of the pro wrestling company’s road show with various networks “to show the power of its programming.” The WWE’s deal with NBC in 2017 is estimated at $180 million.


Dustin Poirier’s life is pretty good right now

Gainzzzz for Demetrious Johnson

I do believe this is Edmond Tarverdyan’s actual account. At least some of the people Werdum gets into it with tend to be some of the least likable people in MMA.

Justin Buckholz, Team Alpha Male’s (erstwhile?) striking coach, is hinting that all is not well at Team Alpha Male.

Comment when you see it...

You picking Bisping or Gastelum for the win?

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This is a good account if you like MMA memes

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Jacare tried to forestall Brunson saying anything about the time and location... but Brunson went ahead and named a different time and location.

Because what are the keys, really? I would be happy to be wrong, but this seems like a brutal matchup for Holly Holm. I hope she’s getting the millions she wanted.

Why would Cyborg post a picture on her own Instagram with Wanderlei’s face photoshopped onto hers??

Good question- that’s one of the biggest things the Ali Expansion Act would change.

Uriah Hall is grumpy in the morning.

Volkan is out of jail.

The McGregors are getting in the Christmas spirit

Matt Brown got himself into some trouble this weekend. Don’t mix alcohol and watching your kids!

Safe to say, Werdum liked his gift

My dad sent me a picture of a buck he killed recently, and I do miss being outdoors this time of year.

“Watch Vasyl Lomachenko play tennis with himself” is just the latest Lomachenko addition to impossible feats

This shouldn’t be real either:

Gina Carano is going to be shouting at this match like Loki watching Thor get slammed around by Hulk: “That is how it feels!!” (If you haven’t seen the latest Thor movie, trust me, worth it)

Good gator wrestling on display here:

Good Reads and Quick Hits

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This rolling wheel kick/scorpion kick knockout is absolutely unbelievable.

WOW!! Capoeira Kick KO!!!!

HOLY S*#% - What a capoeira kick knockout on Shock N Awe - Take a bow Ollie Flint Tag a friend and show them Ollie's amazing KO! Is this one of the KOs of the year? UK amateur MMA at it's finest!

Posted by on Friday, November 17, 2017

I love me a good body shot.


That was quick

This would have been amazing

Great moment from this weekend’s UFC card

When the referee is like... ah, forget it.


Random Land

This made me reflexively angry, yet I also laughed out loud.

This made me frustrated too, but less so.

Nature IS better with lightsabers

Nature is better with lightsabers

Nature is beautiful via via

Posted by Machinima on Monday, November 13, 2017

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