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Colby Covington blames boomerang concussion for gay slur after Fabricio Werdum ‘sucker punched’ him

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

UFC fighters Colby Covington and Fabricio Werdum got into a bit of a scuffle last week in Sydney, Australia, one which saw “Vai Cavalo” deck “Chaos” with a boomerang.

See it again here.

But according to Covington, what the video didn’t catch was the “sucker punch” the towering Heavyweight clocked him with prior to that. Furthermore, Colby says he didn’t even see Werdum, and he never said anything insulting to him personally or kick him, as “Vai Cavalo” suggested.

“I’m outside, waiting curbside to get in my taxi and I am looking down at my Twitter talking shit to Tyron Woodley, and out of nowhere, boom, I get hit across the face,” said Colby on a recent edition of The MMA Hour.

“So I’m like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?’ I look and see Fabricio Werdum screaming at me with these anti-gay slurs and saying ‘I am going to kill you!’ He’s coming at me with his coach Rafael Cordeiro, ‘We are going to kill you!’ I am backing up like ‘Get the fuck away from me, what are you doing, man? You guys are professionals.’”

“All of a sudden, John Wood jumps in the middle and a couple of security guards and tell him not to attack me. Fabricio is still screaming at me, ‘I am going to kill you Colby, you are dead.’ So he tosses the boomerang at my face.’ I kind of got lucky and I ducked it because I have impeccable reflexes. Luckily it didn’t hit me square in the face, it just hit me in the side of the face,” added Colby.

“They use boomerangs in Australia to hunt kangaroos. People are saying this isn’t a weapon, it is a weapon. UFC officials tell me to get out of here and not to fight. We are professional, we are not street thugs. I don’t get paid to fight in the street, I get paid to fight in the Octagon.”

Afterward, Covington caught some flack for pressing charges which led to Werdum getting hit with a court date to answer for the attack. Colby, meanwhile, isn’t fazed by the backlash, saying he was within his right to file charges for the attack.

“Where is the equality at? All the people are saying ‘He’s a snitch, he went to the cops,’ yeah, you’re condoning violence because of free speech. You know what that’s called? It’s called fascism. You know who else believes in fascism? Adolf Hitler and the Nazis,” added the brash welterweight.

“What he did, there will be justice served. He’s in the hands of the police and he’s making jokes about it, going around about the boomerang. This ain’t a joke, he attacked me. Take away the fact that we are pro fighters, if you are out on the street and someone hits you in the face because of comments you made on MMA Hour, would that be okay?”

After the initial incident, Covington took to social media to live stream and was caught cursing at Werdum while using some anti-gay slurs. While Colby is apologetic for that, he says he wasn’t 100-percent focused on what he was saying due to the fact that he was concussed from the attack.

“I wanted to film it because I didn’t know who saw it and I thought he was going to keep coming at me. After he hit me and threw the boomerang, he is still walking at me. So I pulled out my phone so he would be held accountable for his actions. At that point, my head was all messed up, I regret anything I said becasue I was a little concussed, he hit me in the face, calling me the anti-gay slurs a bunch of times, saying he’s going to kill me. My head was just spinning and I wanted to get that out as evidence if he attacked me again. 100-percent I was concussed and out of it. He was saying all those slurs to me before that. I have no ill will towards the LGBT community. I actually support them, I have friends that are gay so it is no disrespect to them.”

So there’s really no need for Covington to enroll in this class, I suppose.

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