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Here's video of Dana White laughing at Conor McGregor’s tattoos

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor does not have the worst tattoos in all of mixed martial arts (MMA), especially when compared to these, but it didn’t stop promotion president Dana White from laughing at them.

Because, as “Notorious” put it, he’s “too old” to understand this.

GQ released this hilarious video of the Las Vegas-fight boss trying to guess the identity of fighters based solely on their tattoos. Some are relatively easy while others ... not so much (poor Colin Fletcher).

Either way, he pretty much hated all of them.

If White thought fighter tattoos were bad, he should check out a gallery of fan ink. Granted, some are fairly well done (like this), while others ... yeah just check out this and this for a sample of how truly awful they can get.

So, any tattooed fans in our audience care to weigh in on White’s not-so-flattering assessment?

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