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Georges St-Pierre suffers from some of the worst anxiety in all of UFC

I know this is going to sound crazy, but just hear me out.

It seems Georges St-Pierre, the same guy who sees aliens every time he drives past Area 51, battles severe cases of anxiety when it comes time to step into the Octagon. Which is understandable, since I would probably shit my pants if I knew a pro athlete was waiting to whoop my ass.

That’s what makes St-Pierre’s triumph at the UFC 217 pay-per-view (PPV) event, in which he laid waste to the bigger Michael Bisping in the championship main event, even more special for fans like Brian Stann.

The former UFC commentator talks to Jon Anik and Kenny Florian (transcribed by Bloody Elbow):

“The bright lights, the anxiety, the nerves — GSP, he suffers from some of the worst anxiety I’ve ever seen in this sport, which makes what he did even more special. I thought he was fantastic, I thought he was technically very good. He did obviously slow down, but it was expected. It looked like Michael Bisping was taking over that fight, but GSP found a way to do it. It’s not like he did anything that was completely different from what we’ve seen before in his career, but the fact that he was able to come and fight at that level, after four years on the bench is absolutely outstanding to me.”

I wonder if Chael Sonnen’s hypnotist is seeing new patients?

Stann, himself a former middleweight who dropped a decision to Bisping way back in 2012, is referring to a problem not uncommon in combat sports. Even fearless warriors like Donald Cerrone have been sent to a sports psychologist.

And St-Pierre already confessed to his struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

That’s probably why “Rush” is taking a break from competition despite already being gone for the past four years, though what happens to his middleweight strap upon his return remains to be seen.

Maybe he can ask Rashad Evans?