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UFC Fight Night 121 results stream live: 'Werdum vs Tybura' play-by-play updates

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back on television TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 18, 2017) with the UFC Fight Night 121 mixed martial arts (MMA) event on FOX Sports 1, which features a heavyweight main event between Fabricio Werdum and Marcin Tybura, who battle for a spot in the 265-pound title chase. In UFC Fight Night 121’s co-main event, Bec Rawlings jumps up to flyweight to battle late-replacement Jessica-Rose Clark inside Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia.

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 121 fight card below, starting with the UFC Fight Pass “Prelims” matches online at 6:30 p.m. ET, followed by the FOX Sports 1 "Prelims" bouts at 8 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 10 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following "Werdum vs. Tybura."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 121 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Fabricio Werdum vs. Marcin Tybura — Werdum def. Tybura by unanimous decision (50-45 x2, 49-46)
Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Bec Rawlings — Clark def. Rawlings by split decision (29-28, 28-29 29-28)
Tim Means vs. Belal Muhammad — Muhammad def. Means by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Jake Matthews vs. Bojan Velickovic — Matthews def. Velickovic by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Daniel Kelly vs. Elias Theodorou — Theodorou def. Kelly by unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-26)
Alex Volkanovski vs. Shane Young — Volkanovski def. Young by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)
Ryan Benoit vs. Ashkan Mokhtarian — Benoit def. Mokhtarian by KO (head kick) at 2:38 of Round Three
Will Brooks vs. Nik Lentz — Lentz def. Brooks by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:05 of Round Two
Rashad Coulter vs. Tai Tuivasa — Tuivasa def. Coulter by KO (knee) at 4:35 of Round One
Damien Brown vs. Frank Camacho — Camacho def. Brown by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)
Alex Chambers vs. Nadia Kassem — Kassem def. Chambers by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x2)
Jenel Lausa vs. Eric Shelton — Shelton def. Lausa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)
Anthony Hamilton vs. Adam Wieczorek — Wieczorek def. Hamilton by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


265 lbs.: Fabricio Werdum vs. Marcin Tybura

Round 1: Werdum sending out kicks early. Checks a leg kick, lands one in return. Tybura looking to counter. Werdum advances, avoids a flurry. One minute in. 1-2 from Werdum. Body kick lands for him. Again. Two minutes in. Good flurry from Werdum, including a knee. Right hand lands, Tybura shoves him away. Right hand from Tybura when Werdum tries to tie up. Two minutes to go.

Tybura pops him with a jab and a glancing right hand. Werdum cracks him with a left hand, transitions from a single-leg attempt to the rear bodylock. One minute to go. Tybura staying on his feet so far. Werdum gets him to his knees, but Tybura immediately scrambles up. Werdum threatens, loses a Kimura before the bell. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 2: Werdum with a solid right hand early. Tybura looks for a head kick. Werdum just misses with a flying knee and stumbles across the cage for a bit. Tybura with a leg kick, switching stances. Werdum with a hard body kick. Tybura catches him leaning with a high kick. Werdum backs him to the fence, lands a leg kick, tries to shoot. Tybura fires another head kick and avoids Werdum’s grip, only to eat a right hand anyway two minutes in. Werdum leg kick. Two minutes to go.

They briefly clinch. He kicks at Werdum’s knee and Werdum tries to flurry. Werdu still looking to punish the lead leg. Werdum looks for the plum, eats some punches. One minute to go. Oblique kick by Tybura. Werdum tries a wheel kick, falls short. Werdum with a quality combo inside, stings him with a right hand. Head kick attempt. Much closer round. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 3: Werdum sending out the kick early. Werdum catches a body kick, looks for a head kick. Tybura attacks the knee again. Nice front kick by Tybura, Werdum answers in kind and lands a jumping knee behind it a minute in. Head kick from Werdum. Tybura catches a knee and tries to kick Werdum’s base out without success. Left hook by Tybura when Werdum ties to clinch. Tybura head kick blocked, Werdum low kick, Good exchanges. Two minutes in. Werdum with a knee to the body. Tybura with a right cross, takes a low-high combo. Two minutes to go.

Leg kick from Werdum. Werdum playing head games, looking away to sneak in shots. Right hook by Tybura, who avoids a spinning back fist. Werdum with a nasty, extended combo. On come the knees and elbows. He threatens a single-leg with a minute to go, then separates. Body kick from Werdum. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 4: Low kick from Werdum. Counter right lands for Tybura, but Werdum goes low-high with his own punches. Tybura body kick strays low, Werdum elects to just go ahead. Tybura check hook lands, but so far he can’t slow Werdum down. Hard leg kick by the former champ. One minute in. Werdum looks for a single-leg, grabs the body lock when Tybura scrambles up. Tybura turns to face him. They separate. Oblique kick by Tybura, combination by Werdum. Good clinch knee by Werdum, pressing forward. Nice inside trip by Werdum and he’s on top in half guard. Elbows from Werdum with two minutes to go.

Werdum trying to pass, so far can’t quite do so. One minute to go and he has side control. Werdum tries to step over, but Tybura works his way to his feet. Good knees form Werdum. Tybura shoots into a guillotine, saved by the bell. 10-9 Werdum.

Round 5: They meet in the center, trading punches. Body kick from Werdum, but he gets rattled by a head kick through the guard. Ref pauses the action to cut some loose tape from Werdum’s glove. Werdum advancing behind his hands a minute in. Body kick from Tybura, hard knee by Werdum. Tybura’s extremely busy now, lands another good body kick. Right hand by Werdum. Straight left lands on him. Werdum spinning back fist goes high. Tybura putting together combinations but nothing devastating. Two minutes in. Werdum marches forward, walks into a hard right hand. Tybura’s actually outworking him this round. Two minutes to go.

Werdum with a good knee in the plum, kicking off a combination. Left hand, body kick from Tybura but Werdum cracks him with a long combination. Tybura backs away from a combo, avoids a flying knee. They trade in the center, Werdum getting the better of it. They’re slugging. 10-9 Tybura.

Final result: Werdum def. Tybura by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Bec Rawlings

Round 1: They meet in the center and start trading punches. Low kick from Clark. Counter right, leg kick. Rawlings lands a right hand and catches a leg kick to land on top in guard. As she tries to advance, Clark sweeps into closed guard. Two minutes in. Rawlings goes after an arm, can’t get is and surrenders side control. Half guard now. Two minutes to go.

Rawlings regains guard and Clark elects to let her up. Low kick and right hand land for Clark, who’s getting the better of these exchanges so far. Combination. Body kick and right hand. One minute to go. Overhand right and leg kick. Counter left. Rawlings busy, not landing all that much and eats a hard 2-1. Overhand right. Rawlings with a stiff jab after eating a hook. 10-9 Clark.

Round 2: Low kick from Clark, counter hook. Right hand. Rawlings finds the mark with her right hand and hauls Clark to the fence. One minute in. Clark pushes her to another part of the cage, hauled back to the fence. Two minutes in. They separate. Clark lands a knee to the body. Left hook upstairs. Leg kick, counter knee that stings Rawlings. Clark presses forward with right hands and a hard knee before scoring a takedown and threatening an arm triangle. Two minutes to go.

Rawlings keeping her caught in half guard. One minute to go. Rawlings gives up the back. Back to mount, hard elbows. 10-9 Clark.

Round 3: Clark picking her off , landing good punches and leg kicks. 2-1 from Clark. Leg kicks landing. 2-1 from Rawlings as she eats leg kicks. One minute in. Right hand exchange. Right cross by Clark. Good left hook. They exchange near the fence and Rawlings finds the mark with a good right hand. Clark comes back to slug with her. Hard lead right. Body kick. Counter leg kick when Rawlings lands a body kick. Two minutes in. Leg kicks, right hand by Clark. Rawlings lands a right hand, eats a left hook and a knee. Rawlings 1-2. Two minutes to go.

Rawlings dings her with a pair of right hands, avoids a hip throw. Rawlings puts her on her back against the cage. One minute to go. Clark makes it to her feet and spins to the bodylock. Knees to the thigh. Clark scores an outside trip. Hard shots by Clark, punches and elbows. 10-9 Clark.

Final result: Clark def. Rawlings by split decision

170 lbs.: Tim Means vs. Belal Muhammad

Round 1: Means finding the mark with left hands early. Overhand right from Muhammad, who eats a body shot. Leg kick. Means still advancing. Leg kick lands for him. One minute in. Muhammad goes low-high, eats a body shot. Means lands a straight left. Muhammad with a short right. Two minutes in. Means targeting the body. eats a low-high two-piece. Body kick lands for him. Good right hand by Muhammad. Two minutes to go.

Means again plugs the body. Straight left upstairs. Leg kick connects. Muhammad with a right cross, left hook soon after. Again. One minute to go. Muhammad shoots, stuffed. Means tries an elbow inside. Muhammad with some good left hands. He tries to spin, no luck. 10-9 Muhammad, barely, on better punches.

Round 2: They trade in the center. Straight left by Means. Muhammad shoots into a guillotine, uses the fence to keep Means from sweeping. Half guard for Muhammad a minute in. He lets Means up. Straight left from Means. Two minutes in. Means working behind his jab. Muhammad leg kick. Counter left by Means. Leg kick lands. Two minutes to go.

Means trips him up with a combo inside. Hard knee. Leg kick lands. Good trade in the center, Means plugs the body, picks at the lead leg. One minute to go. Muhammad shoots, stuffed. Jab exchange, Muhammad’s is stiffer. Both land to the body. 10-9 Means.

Round 3: They meet in the center and start firing away. Good back-and-forth. Body kick from Means. They trade low kicks. One minute in. Combination from Means. Head kick attempt. Muhammad pauses to put his contact lens back in. Means shoots on a Muhammad knee, no luck. 1-2 lands clean for Muhammad. Two minutes in. Straight left by Means. Counter left by Muhammad forces Means back. 2-1. Good head shots by Muhammad, who tries to shoot. Two minutes to go.

Oblique kick from Means, good shot by Muhammad stuffed. 1-2 from Muhammad once again. Means tries a Raymond Daniels spinning back kick. Muhammad finding the mark more and more with a minute to go. Means to the body. Body kick from Muhammad, body kick. Good exchange near the fence. Scores are going to be interesting. 10-9 Muhammad.

Final result: Muhammad def. Means by split decision

170 lbs.: Jake Matthews vs. Bojan Velickovic

Round 1: Matthews charges in for a takedown attempt, hauling the Serb to the fence. Elbows from Velickovic. Matthews still looking for the single-leg as Velickovic whacks him with short punches a minute in. More short punches by Velickovic. Matthews finally manages to run the pipe and look for the back as Velickovic stands. Velickovic sprawls on him, still pressed into the cage. Two minutes to go.

Matthews gets him down to half guard. One minute to go. Velickovic uses the cage to transition to a leglock attempt. Upkick from Velickovic. He tries to scramble up, can’t separate. 10-9 Matthews.

Round 2: Right hand from Matthews to start. Flying knee and right hand by Velickovic, then a straight left on the fence. Mathews shoots into a guillotine that allows Velickovic to roll him into mount. Velickovic tries the Rockhold-style one-arm guillotine, can’t get it but still has mount a minute in. Matthews gives up his back. Velickovic takes a moment to adjust position, then starts punching. Two minutes in. Body triangle now. Back to the hooks, more ground-and-pound from Velickovic. Two minutes to go.

Velickovic briefly threatens a twister , but can’t maintain back mount and Matthews gets in on a takedown attempt. Knees from Velickovic, elbow from Matthews. Velickovic gets the front headlock before separating. Matthews looks winded as he slings punches. One minute to go. Right hand by Matthews lands. Another good right hand, counter hook by Velickovic. Left hook by Matthews. 10-9 Velickovic.

Round 3: Jab from Matthews. Body shot. Velickovic leg kick, 1-2 from Matthews. Matthews catches a kick and scores a takedown into guard. One minute in. Velickovic rolls free and shoots, putting Matthews on his back against the fence. Velickovic puts in both hooks as Matthews works to stand. Short punches. Matthews gets to his feet, back to his knees. Two minutes to go.

Matthews slips out the back door into guard. Hammerfists by Matthews. Solid punches. Velickovic grabs a Kimura with a minute to go. One hook in for Matthews. Velickovic tries to roll, can’t dislodge him. He rolls into guard and Matthews takes him down. 10-9 Matthews.

Final result: Matthews def. Velickovic by split decision

185 lbs.: Daniel Kelly vs. Elias Theodorou

Round 1: Theodorou going to work with kicks right away. Straight left lands for Kelly. Kelly charges after him, can’t quite land. One minute in. Kelly blocks a head kick. 1-2 from Kelly, who drills him with uppercuts in the clinch. Theodorou steps into the clinch, tries a head kick on the break. Two minutes in. Body kick from Theodorou. Kelly lands some heavy punches when Theodorou tries a flying knee. Two minutes to go.

Theodorou body kick. Good leg kick. Kelly with some more good clinch uppercuts, takes a body kick. Leg kick from Theodorou. One minute to go. Kelly ties up, lands left hands. Body kick lands for Theodorou. 10-9 Theodorou.

Round 2: Kelly still marching after him, eats a right hook. Clinch. Theodorou firing body kicks as Kelly tries to close. Dirty boxing from Kelly, failed trip attempt. One minute in. They tie up and try to trade shots at close range. Gorgeous foot sweep by Kelly, who looks for the back. Theodorou makes it to his feet. Body kick strays low and Kelly takes a breather. Hard leg kick from Theodorou on the restart. Two minutes in. Theodorou just so busy with the kicks. They clinch and Theodorou looks for knees. Left hand behind the ear by Kelly and they trade big shots, Kelly left hands against Theodorou head kicks. Two minutes to go.

Knee from Theodorou, hard left by Kelly. Kelly left, Theodorou body kick. One minute to go. Again Theodorou lands a body kick, avoids a hip toss. Head kick lands for Theodorou. 10-9 Theodorou.

Round 3: Kelly undaunted as Theodorou continues to meet his advance with body, leg, and head kicks. Right hook stings Kelly, who lands a hard head kick of his own. Leg kick by Theodorou. One minute in. Hard combo by Theodorou but Kelly’s still coming. Kelly grabs a body lock, takes Theodorou down, and immediately transitions to the back and locks up the choke. He doesn’t have the hooks in, though, and Theodoru gets the angle to turn into top position. Two minutes in. Kelly gets to his knees, working his way up. Knees from Theodorou on the way up. Pressing Kelly into the cage, forced to a knee before Kelly separates. Two minutes to go.

Theodorou lands a head kick, continuing to pile damage onto the legs and body. Body kick lands, still pursued by Kelly. Kelly tries a foot sweep, eats a right hand. 1-2 from Kelly with a minute to go. They tie up, knee form Theodorou. Left hand by Kelly on the break, eats a body kick. 10-9 Theodorou.

Final result: Theodorou def. Kelly by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Alex Volkanovski vs. Shane Young

Round 1: Young moving forward. Volkanovski tries a head kick. Body kick. Volkanovski falls short with two big swings as he steps into the clinch a minute in. Young circles away. Low kick from Volkanovski. Young lands a jab. Volkanovski wades in with the same combination, changing levels. Two minutes in. Volkanovski sweeps his foot out, can’t keep him down, again kicks his base out. They separate. Volkanovski leg kicks, stiff jab. Two minutes to go.

Overhand rights by Volkanovski land and he shoots again. He gets Young down, can’t keep him there. One minute to go. Low kick from Volkanovski, who falls short with an overhand and an elbow. Back to the clinch. Spinning back fist by Volkanovski on the break. More leg kicks. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 2: Both flick out kicks. Sharp elbow from Volkanovski, Young defends the takedown and circles out. Head kick attempt. One minute in. Leg kick lands. Volkanovski backs him to the fence, lands a hard right inside before tying up. Rear bodylock and he completes an outside trip into half guard. Heavy elbow by Volkanovski on the break. Two minutes in. Good right cross by Volkanovski as he continues to pressure forward. Two minutes to go.

BIG right hand by Volkanovski, stuffs a takedown, lands one of his own. Young again scrambles up, dumped back down by Volkanovski. One minute to go. Volkanovski nearly passes straight to mount. Volkanovski misses with a scary-looking right hand. Young sneaks back to his feet. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 3: Volkanovski firing the jab, lands a good right hand and knee before changing levels. One minute in. Hard knees by Volkanovski, smash elbow. Young ducks a right hook and lands a takedown into half guard. Volkanovski scrambles to his feet and slams Young when the latter tries a Kimura. Half guard two minutes in. Volkanovski doing patient work from top position. Two minutes to go.

Heavy punches from Volkanovski, who passes to side control. Nice punches, posturing up to land bigger shots. One minute to go. Young works his way up, eats another right hand. Volkanovski sprawls on a takedown, lands a knee, sprawls on another. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Final result: Volkanovski def. Young by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Ryan Benoit vs. Ashkan Mokhtarian

Round 1: Mokhtarian circling, Benoit advancing. Mokhtarian falls well short with a left straight, then rocks Benoit with an overhand before tying up. One minute in. Mokhtarian tries an elbow on the break, lands an overhand left but can’t land a takedown. Body kick by Benoit. Two minutes in. Counter right by Benoit. Benoit first a right straight, one of only a handful of punches he’s thrown this round. Mokhtarian leg kick. Two minutes to go.

More leg kicks, which Benoit isn’t checking. Counter 2-3 from Benoit, who seems exasperated with Mokhtarian’s circling. One minute to go. Mokhtarian leg kick. Southpaw jabs by Benoit. Benoit with a pair of hard shots at the bell. 10-9 Mokhtarian.

Round 2: Mokhtarian staying mobile. Benoit fires a head kick and wades after Mokhtarian, landing a good right hand inside. One minute in. Left cross from Mokhtarian, they trade lefts. Benoit head kick blocked. Two minutes in. Mokhtarian lands a counter left as Benoit lands a body kick. Mokhtarian leg kick. Mokhtarian uppercut with two minutes to go.

Benoit jab. Mokhtarian 1-2, countered with a right hand. Hard left by Mokhtarian. One minute to go. Left hand by Mokhtarian, right hand by Benoit. Benoit sprinting after him. He ducks a spinning back fist. Benoit hits a takedown and drills him with left hands. 10-9 Benoit.

Round 3: Benoit lands an overhand right. Good straight rights. Counter left by Mokhtarian. One minute in. Leg kick lands for Benoit. Hard counters. Another counter left, then a check hook. Benoit right hand, Mokhtarian spinning back fist. Benoit tries a head kick and superman punch. Two minutes in. Leg kick from Mokhtarian, straight by Benoit. Right hand by Benoit, harder left from Mokhtarian, who gets slept by a savage right head kick.

Final result: Benoit def. Mokhtarian by KO (head kick)

155 lbs.: Will Brooks vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1: Leg kick from Lentz to start. Good knee inside, eats an uppercut from Brooks. Brooks jab. Fairly tentative start. One minute in. Jab from Brooks, who pulls his head away from overhand rights. Jab from Brooks, right hand from Lentz. Brooks leg kick. Brooks hits a nice reactive takedown, avoids a guillotine on the way down. Half butterfly guard. Lentz clamps down on the squeeze, forces Brooks to roll and stand. Brooks trying to tie up as Lentz wings punches. Lentz leg kick, but he walks into counters. Two minutes to go.

Brooks changes levels, denied. Up-jab by Brooks. Lentz with a knee, combination attempt. Brooks with a straight left. Lentz shoots after taking an inside low kick, grabs the rear waistlock with a minute to go. Knees to the thigh by Lentz. Brooks turns to face him, eats a knee and can’t get the trip. 10-9 Lentz.

Round 2: Lentz continues to press forward in a fairly busy first minute. Brooks puts him on teh fence after eating a pair of kicks. Straight left catches Brooks weaving. Two-piece lands for Brooks, then another after eating a leg kick. Brooks hits another takedown into a guillotine and this time it’s deep. Lentz rolls into mount and draws the tap.

Final result: Lentz def. Brooks by submission (guillotine choke)

265 lbs.: Rashad Coulter vs. Tai Tuivasa

Round 1: Coulter hauls Tuivasa to the fence. Tuivasa reverses position before separating. 2-1 from Tuivasa dings Coulter a minute in and he ties up on the fence. They trade knees before Coulter shoves him away. Tuivasa tries some sort of sacrifice throw and winds up on the bottom in side control. Tuivasa uses an underhook to scramble back up under fire. Two minutes in. Tuivasa misses an elbow and trip attempt. Jab exchange. Leg kick connects for Tuivasa. Two minutes to go.

Tuivasa to the body, body kick by Coulter. Tuivasa right hand, clinch. Coulter tries a throw, eats punches on the way back up. Elbow and big combination on the break by Tuivasa with a minute to go. Tuivasa lands a right hand around the guard. Leg kick. Another, bigger leg kick knocks Coulter to the mat and, as he scrambles up, Tuivasa hops in with a knee that detonates on Coulter’s chin for a clean knockout.

Final result: Tuivasa def. Coulter by KO (knee)

155 lbs.: Damien Brown vs. Frank Camacho

Round 1: Camacho on the advance. Counter right lands for him as Brown steps in. 3-2 from The Crank. Brown firing jabs. Good exchange. Leg kicks by Brown and he shoots for a single-leg a minute in. Camacho denies it with an underhook and reverses position. Brown briefly threatens a guillotine. Camacho elbow and body shots. Quick scramble and Brown shoots, eating Browne elbows. Brown scores two successive takedowns, Camacho pops back up. Shoulder strikes from Camacho draw a smile. Camacho hits an outside trip, hops into side control with two minutes to go.

Brown scrambles up for a single-leg. Fighting for an oustide trip. Camacho reverses position, lands a good uppercut, gets taken down and Brown takes the back. Brown squeezing on the chin, Camacho peels his hand off, but Brown soon locks it up more tightly. Camacho escapes and spins into guard. 10-9 Brown for the near-finish.

Round 2: Good jabs by Camacho and a body shot. Right hand by Camacho. Camacho advancing, eats a hard 1-2. Brown catches a finger in the eye a minute in. Brown leg kick. Camacho firing punches, Brown landing leg kicks. Camacho avoids a takedown, bangs the body, eats a right hand. Right cross by Camacho, body shot. Brown smiling, lands a hard elbow. Two minutes in. Camacho’s getting the better of it so far and they trade right hands. Big right by Brown and a combination. Low kick. BIG 1-2 by Camacho. Brown uppercut as they trade. Two minutes to go.

Camacho working behind his jab. Brown hauls him to the fence, gets spun around. Camacho chipping away to the body as Brown lands knees. One minute to go. 1-2 appears to buzz Brown, but Camacho dings him in return. Brown wings an uppercut and gets caught by a cross. Good right hands from both men. Some quick camaraderie before the bell. 10-9 Camacho.

Round 3: Camacho still pressing forward and Brown slams home a hard elbow. Right hand by Camacho. Good Brown right hand. 1-2 from Brown lands clean. One minute in. Camacho to the body, eats a right hand upstairs. Counter right by Camacho. Counter right from Camacho, Brown answers with a body kick. Camacho rips to the body, gets booped by a side kick. Camacho 1-2. Brown catches him leaning with an uppercut. Hard punches from Camacho. Two minutes in. Body kick by Brown, right hand by Camacho. Camacho left hook, jab. Four-punch combo. Counter right, 1-2. Camacho to the body. Two minutes to go.

Brown pups him with a jab, uppercut, right cross. Camacho to the body. Counter right from Brown. 2-1 by Camcho, right hand comes back at him. They trading on the fence. Camacho lands a right hand that appears to stagger Brown, but Brown immediately answers with good shots. Camacho denies a takedown with a minute to go. Camacho marching after Brown, ducks into an uppercut. They’re trading massive shots on the fence. Just a wild fight. 10-9 Camacho.

Final result: Camacho def. Brown by split decision

115 lbs.: Alex Chambers vs. Nadia Kassem

Round 1: Chambers pressing forward, lands a leg kick and eats one in return. Kassem catches a kick, can’t quite trip her down. Stiff jab lands. Now Chambers catches a body kick and puts her on the fence. Kassem separates with a good straight left. Chambers still advancing, walks into a couple of lefts. Heavy left hook from Chambers as they separate and a body kick before taking Kassem down into guard. Kassem looks for a heel hook, can’t keep hold of the heel. Chambers defending well as Kassem adjusts her grip. Two minutes to go.

Kassem cracks her from 50/50. Chambers pulls her knee out and comes down with punches into half guard. One minute to go. Ground-and-pound from Chambers. Heavy elbow. 10-9 Chambers.

Round 2: Kassem sending out kicks, lands some good counters but winds up on her back. She works her way to her feet and Chambers has a standing arm-triangle. Kassem fights it off and lands a good knee. One minute in. 1-2 from Kassem. Chambers avoids an uppercut and shoots. Kassem reverses position. Chambers with a right hand on the break. Kassem tries a combination, shrugs off a level change and slams kicks to the body. Chambers takes her down two minutes in. Kassem gets her legs up for a triangle, works her shin under her knee and threatens the armbar. Two minutes to go.

Kassem landing hammerfists, but struggling to finish the choke. Kassem cranking on an armbar with a minute to go. Kassem transitions to a pure armbar, can’t get it but lands in top position. Hard hammerfists. 10-9 Kassem.

Round 3: Chambers continues to advance as Kassem whacks her with kicks. Chambers shoots off a body kick, eats a knee. Kassem leg kick a minute in. Chambers leg kick and Kassem smirks at her before waving her on. Chambers shoots, locks her hands, lands on top in half guard. Kassem regains guard two minutes in. Kassem threatening an arm. Chambers stands over her with two minutes to go.

Good right hand by Chambers on the way down. Kassem looks for another heel hook, sweeps into top position. Chambers goes to her knees and Kassem threatens a reverse triangle. Chambers drives through and presses her into the cage. Knees from Kassem. Kassem catches Chambers with a head kick on the break and goes to work with knees and kicks. Jumping knee from Kassem. Straight lefts, then shots inside until the bell. 10-9 Kassem.

Final result:

125 lbs.: Jenel Lausa vs. Eric Shelton

Round 1: Neither man landing early. Counter right from Shelton. Lausa head kick blocked a minute in. Shelton leg kick. Lausa with a well-timed takedown into guard. Elbow lands. He scoots Shelton to the fence two minutes in. Shelton scrambles up and grabs a rear bodylock before transitioning to a double-leg. Two minutes to go.

Shelton in a near-mount on the fence. Lausa works his way up and shrugs off another level change. Shelton tries a combo with a minute to go. Shelton shoots from way out but nonetheless completes it into butterfly guard. Nice elbow and punches. 10-9 Shelton for ground-and-pound

Round 2: Shelton advancing, eats an overhand right. Leg kick lands for him. Counter hook from Lausa on the fence. Shelton ducks a left hand and hits a takedown a minute in, transitioning to a guillotine. Lausa slips out and counters a takedown with a Kimura attempt. Shelton gets his arm out and steps into mount, then the back. He lands hammerfists, then Lausa regains half guard two minutes in. Ground-and-pound. Back to mount on the fence. Nasty elbows, but Lausa scrambles out and jumps guard on a guillotine. Shelton puts in an arm to break the grip and sets up in guard. Two minutes to go.

More shots from Shelton. Punches piling up. One minute to go. Shelton continues doing damage until the end of the round. 10-9 Lausa, borderline 10-8.

Round 3: Leg kick from Shelton to open the round, answered in kind by Lausa. 1-2 from Shelton. Overhand right after avoiding an uppercut. Shelton shoots, stuffed. 1-2 lands clean a minute in. Shelton shoots, locks his hands, scores another takedown. Patient ground-and-pound through the next minute. Elbows and punches from guard. Two minutes to go.

Shelton mixing up shots to the body and head, staying busy and doing damage. Lausa running out of ideas, flat on his back. Shelton lets Lausa up with twenty seconds to go, lands a 2-3. He drops Lausa with a right hand at the bell and follows up with a knee. 10-9 Shelton.

Final result: Shelton def. Lausa by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Anthony Hamilton vs. Adam Wieczorek

Round 1: Hamilton on the front foot early. Trading kicks. Hamilton shoots thirty seconds in, gets double underhooks. He spins Wieczorek to the mat, lands in guard, and passes to half guard a minute in. On to side control, staying heavy. Body shots. Wieczorek regains half guard. Two minutes in. Wieczorek regains guard, grabbing Hamilton’s wrist. Hamilton to half guard, eats some whacks. He stands over Wieczorek and comes back down into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Still half guard. Hamilton not terribly busy on top, though he’s sneaking in body shots. He lets Wieczorek up with a minute to go. Solid knee from the Pole and Hamilton shoots. They trade knees. 10-9 Hamilton.

Round 2: Wieczorek moving forward this time. He knocks Hamilton off-balance with a head kick and takes half guard. One minute in. Pressure from Wieczorek, not too many strikes. Elbows to the thigh. Solid elbow to the head two minutes in. Hamilton scrambles to his feet and pops his noggin free of a front headlock. Both land counters. Two minutes to go.

They both looked fatigued, which is not surprising. Hamilton catches a body kick and hauls him to the fence. Wieczorek reverses position with a minute to go. Good knee by Wieczorek, who tries to counter a trip with a hip toss and winds up on his rear against the fence. He works his way up before the bell. 10-9 Wieczorek.

Round 3: They fire early punches before Hamilton takes him to the fence. One minute in. Knee from Wieczorek and they separate. Wieczorek putting together combinations, landing upstairs. Hamilton shoots, Wieczorek gets underhooks two minutes in. Knee upstairs from Wieczorek. Low kick, two-piece from Hamilton. Two minutes to go.

Hamilton shoots again, stuffed again. Wieczorek threatens a guillotine, drops it, stays standing. One minute to go. Knees from both. Wieczorek with a knee to the body before Hamilton hauls him back to the fence. 10-9 Wieczorek on better strikes. I smell split decision.

Final result: Wieczorek def. Hamilton by unanimous decision

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