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Coach deletes Instagram post revealing Nate Diaz is training for a UFC fight

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Is Nate Diaz about to fight again? A social media post from his strength and conditioning coach certainly implies he is.

nate diaz

Is Nate Diaz on the verge of returning to the UFC? If an Instagram post from his strength and conditioning coach Jose Garcia is to be believed, then yes.

"You fight fans be ready," Garcia wrote in a quickly deleted post. "Diaz back to #asswhopping business .. fight camp we live."


The post included a photo of Diaz slapping Dana White from the end of negotiations for the McGregor vs. Diaz rematch in August 2016. Diaz lost that fight and hasn't shown much interest in returning for a third bout, but obviously now people are speculating that he could be part of a much needed big name main event for UFC 219 on December 30th.

But who would Diaz be facing? Conor McGregor is possible. So is current lightweight interim champ Tony Ferguson. Some have even been throwing welterweight champ Tyron Woodley into the list of possible opponents. Whoever it is, rumor has it we'll love the matchup.

It could be that the UFC has finally decided to pay Nate a nice fat up front price to save their New Years Eve card, which currently doesn't have a main event and lost a highly touted bantamweight contender's fight in the co-main when Dominick Cruz broke his arm. Attempts to secure a women's bantamweight and women's featherweight title fight for the card have thus far not come together.