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Conor McGregor, role model, issues formal apology for ‘losing it’ during Bellator melee

Seems like just yesterday when Conor McGregor was like “fuck you all.”

Oh wait, it was.

What a difference 24 hours makes, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion has now issued a formal apology for blowing a gasket at last weekend’s Bellator 187 event, which included a physical confrontation with referee Marc Goddard.

And that other dude who got slapped silly.

As part of his apology, McGregor made reference to the late Joao Carvalho, who passed away after his technical knockout loss to “Notorious” teammate Charlie Ward (in cage for the Bellator brouhaha) back in April 2016.

More on that tragedy here.

McGregor was reportedly pulled from his headlining duties at UFC 219 and may still be subject to legal repercussions as a result of his actions, according to Association of Boxing Commissions President Mike Mazzulli.

Hard to imagine a fine, upstanding role model would do such a thing.

The promotion has yet to release any kind of statement regarding what — if any — action it plans to take, but no doubt this apology, which was not without a cheap shot at Goddard, was prompted by his employers.

As far as when McGregor will attempt to unify the 155-pound titles against interim straphanger Tony Ferguson, that remains to be seen.

Defend or vacate!

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