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Covington: ‘Dirtbag’ Jon Jones should do more coke and keep cheating on his wife

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight contender, Colby Covington, is not the biggest fan of Brazil, home to “filthy animals” like Demian Maia, who fell to “Chaos” at UFC Fight Night 119 just last month.

But that pales in comparison to his loathing of Jon Jones.

Covington spent two years shacked up with the former light heavyweight champion at Iowa Central Community College, where they both won junior college national wrestling titles. You know, when they weren’t busy throwing people through windows.

Covington, 29, claims to know the real “Bones,” not the fake “loser” currently being offered on social media. That’s why he told Submission Radio that Jones, who coughed up his light heavyweight crown in the wake of a failed drug test, needs to be exposed.

His words:

"I’m saying truths, I’m saying facts. I mean, I’m just speaking my mind. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to speak my mind in this world. I think I know him more than most people since I lived together with him for two years. The guy’s a fake, man, just… his little fucking baby-faced tweets to Georges St-Pierre, it just got under my skin. He’s just trying to act like a saint, ‘oh, I’m praying for you.’ Shut up, man. Go do some more coke, go cheat on your wife some more, man. You’re a piece of shit dirtbag. He was difficult as shit to live with. The guy was dirty, man, he stunk, he didn’t shower, man. The guy was just a mess, man. He was getting into partying and all that bad stuff back then. He was just going down the wrong path, but he always tried to act like a saint, ‘oh, I’m into religion, I’m all about god,’ this and that. He’s just fooling all the fans, he needs to be exposed for the real person that he is, because he ain’t this saint and good person like he tries to act like he is.”

The industry’s deodorant crisis continues.

Jones, 30, is provisionally suspended while United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) investigates his most recent drug-test failure, one that came in the wake of his sensational knockout win no contest against Daniel Cormier.

Covington, meanwhile, has won five straight fights and could position himself for a 170-pound title shot against the same man he snitched on back in August. It may depend on the winner of this bout.

For more on Jones latest woes click here.

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