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ABC president says Conor McGregor ‘jeopardized’ Bellator fighters and ‘assaulted’ referee Marc Goddard

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It seems like UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor can’t stay out of hot water lately. After jumping into the cage yesterday (Fri., Nov. 10, 2017) at Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland, and causing a ruckus that included shoving referee Marc Goddard, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is shaking its head at “Notorious.”

While McGregor jumped inside of the Bellator cage to celebrate the victory of teammate Charlie Ward, he ended up causing quite the circus. So much so that Mike Mazzulli, the president of the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) and the director of the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation, recently stated that McGregor “jeopardized” the fighters inside of the cage and “assaulted” Goddard as he tried to calm things down.

Here is Mazzulli’s full statement released earlier today:

While the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation (MTDAR) was regulating Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland, on November 10, 2017, the following events took place during the Ward vs Redmond bout.

Mr. Conor McGregor who was a spectator at the time, disrupted the event by scaling the cage prior to the conclusion of the bout. Mr. McGregor’s conduct jeopardized the health and safety of the bout participants by delaying necessary medical attention to the fighters that were injured during the round.

In addition, Mr. McGregor assaulted Referee Mark Goddard and a Bellator staff.

The MTDAR has been in consultation with the upper management of the UFC regarding Mr. McGregor’s inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.

The MTDAR has also contacted members of the Association of Boxing Commissioners that have licensed Mr. McGregor in their jurisdictions to inform them of Mr. McGregor’s behavior.

This can’t be good for McGregor. Not only has Mazzulli taken his complaints and concerns to UFC directly, but he has also reached out to ABC officials that are in charge of licensing “Notorious” to fight.

As of now, UFC has not offered an official statement on the incident this weekend in Dublin. But if they want to control their biggest superstar and keep him out of future trouble, the promotion may want to reprimand McGregor and dish out a punishment sooner rather than later.

Stick with Mania for ongoing updates pertaining to McGregor’s Bellator invasion.

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