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Watch Conor McGregor discuss confrontation with ‘rat’ Marc Goddard at Bellator 187

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When is UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor going to learn that jumping inside of the cage, or screaming outside of it, probably isn’t the right thing to do? While that message may never get through to the mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar, McGregor is left to pick up the pieces after causing a highly-publicized altercation yesterday (Fri., Nov. 10, 2017) at Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland.

Not only did McGregor scale the cage and eventually shove referee Marc Goddard after celebrating with victorious teammate Charlie Ward, but “Notorious” also smacked a Bellator official. The Irishman’s antics literally came out of nowhere and have once again cast an unnecessary shadow on his MMA stranglehold.

As McGregor was being escorted out of the 3Arena following his savage outburst, cameras caught his reaction to his run-in with Goddard.

“I was trying to say, ‘keep going,’” McGregor explained (video shown above). “It’s that same referee, I lost me head with him. I said, ‘it’s you, ya rat.”

“It was a beautiful shot,” McGregor added about Ward’s knockout finish. “He’s out cold, they all knew he was out cold and he’s still trying to call it. ‘Oh no, he wasn’t the fight’s not over.’ I said, ‘it’s you, ya rat.'”

Whether or not McGregor agrees with the stoppage or wanted to congratulate Ward, he has no business climbing inside of the cage and chasing down the referee. Not to mention the bitchslap he laid upon a Bellator official’s face.

Even though they say any publicity is good publicity, “Notorious” is really starting to walk a thin line. This is the second time he has had an altercation with Goddard, and it comes just one month removed from dropping multiple homophobic slurs on camera.

A punishment is sure to follow McGregor’s most recent antics so stick with Mania for any further updates and reaction.