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Ian McCall is out of the UFC and hunting for big paychecks in Japan

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‘Uncle Creepy’ sounds excited to test the waters of free agency now that he secured his release from the UFC.

Ian McCall

"Uncle Creepy" is finally ready to fight again, but it's not going to happen in the UFC.

Flyweight contender Ian McCall spoke with MMA Junkie recently and shared an interesting tale that started with him trying to land a 50k/50k deal with the UFC and ended with him firing his agent and securing his release from the promotion.

“I want to explore my options,” McCall said. “I’ve got one last good run in me, to go fight for a good solid couple of years, if I can keep my health up. As healthy as I am now, I can do that. The way I’ve tailored my training, it’s about getting in shape now.

McCall is looking to maybe fight in Japan for a promotion like Rizin, who just might fall in love with his sexy mustache game. If the right fight company doesn't show up with the right money? He's okay with that too.

“What’s going to happen? Someone’s going to tell me, ‘You’re not worth it?’" he asked hypothetically. "OK. I’ll just go and do the job I’m doing now, and not hurt my body. I’ll make more money doing this, probably get offered another good corporate job, or land the job that was originally offered to me. Life doesn’t suck for me. I have options outside of fighting."

“For the first time in five years, I’m really clear-headed and ready to go. And I feel healthy. For the last five years, since I’ve been in the UFC, I’ve had seven surgeries, two or three bouts of MRSA, I tore my hip and groin, I popped my knee, and I had a blood infection. It hasn’t been a good environment for me. It’s time to move on.”

McCall leaves the UFC with a 2-3-1 record and the distinction of being the last guy to almost beat Demetrious Johnson. Well, he did beat Johnson, but a scoring screw-up resulted in their fight being declared a draw. Johnson won the rematch and McCall has been struggling to keep healthy and active ever since.

Here's hoping he can get a few more worthy paychecks in Japan, but given some of his past comments on his brain’s condition, maybe it’s for the best if he doesn’t.