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Midnight Mania! Anthony Johnson fires back at Daniel Cormier - ‘Take your cry baby ass on!’

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MMA: UFC 210-Cormier vs Johnson Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Anthony Johnson responded today to DC’s accusations that he is f***ing soft after word got out that Johnson met with UFC executives to discuss a heavyweight comeback fight. The gist of Cormier’s complaint was that if Rumble wanted people to believe his retirement story, he should have stayed gone longer; coming back six months later meant that he had just been mad about losing to DC. He also ripped into Rumble for being too friendly with Jon Jones. (transcript via

“What the f*ck are you so friendly with a guy in your weight class for?” Cormier said. “F*ck that. The competitor in you shouldn’t allow you to be that nice to that guy. In my mind, that dude is f*cking soft. You should never be that f*cking friendly with somebody, especially if it’s somebody that you may end up fighting. We can be respectful but you don’t need to be f*cking friendly bobbing all over the place.”

Johnson responded, claiming Cormier is only salty because he talks to Jon Jones. From his Facebook page:

Damn D.C. didn't know you were salty cuz I talk to the 1 guy that knocked you out. Fucking soft is what you called me, oh well that's your opinion.Saying I gave Jon advice lol buddy what advice is there to give him? I wasn't fighting either one of you, so there's no point of giving advice. That's not my style! I believe in fair fights period.Friend's? We were NEVER friend's! I've respected every man in the sport no matter what. I've shown JBJ respect through his tough times and have shown you respect the same way.I retired cuz I have other thing's in life I want to do but just cuz I met with UFC and talked you have an issue.So take your cry baby ass on and praise God that Jon screwed up and you got the belt back that way!

Cormier responded:


Justin Gaethje gets it:

I missed this gem, also from Gaethje:

So ... just bread? Just soft bread? Grain free? What is it made of? Dangit, I guess this sponsored post worked, because now I have questions.

Each personality is reflected in each picture: Crazy Tony Ferguson, styling Kevin Lee, focused Demetrious Johnson, aggressive Ray Borg.

The easiest way to gain social media approval when a lot of people don’t like you? Post puppies. Can’t nobody be mad at puppies.

Hello from #chunkBrowne

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Cung Le’s instructional clips on Instagram are actually pretty good tips for utilizing his unique approach to MMA.

John Moraga’s walkout song got censored due to the Las Vegas shooting:

“Notorious” will be in theaters in November:

Great match up at bantamweight!

Matt Brown is asking the important questions. I don’t care, this is extremely my jam either way.

#nerdy or #badass ??? Tell me in comments

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Cub Swanson is fighting out his UFC contract in December.

Nice poster from Boss Logic!

This is quite the sales spiel from Shane Carwin ...

Makdessi feeling confident after training with Duke Roufus ...

Russian MMA is just so weird:

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Can’t wait to see Derrick Lewis just stand up from under Werdum this weekend:

Great MMA sequence!

When life hands you knockouts ...


Zabit Magomedsharipov:

His UFC Shanghai opponent Sheymon Moraes:

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