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Colby Covington responds to haters at his ATT gym: ‘It’s not a team sport’

Covington continues to defend his comments afte UFC Fight Night 119 that have Brazilians across MMA in a tizzy.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Sao Paulo-Maia vs Covington Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The furor surrounding Colby Covington's negative comments about Brazil continues to roar, with many of Colby's teammates at American Top Team calling him out for describing Brazilian fans at UFC Fight Night 119 as 'dirty animals' that live in a 'dump.'

But Colby ain't care. The American welterweight doubled down with a tongue in cheek apology, and has now responded to the fighters at ATT who seem to be taking his joke way too far.

“I don’t really care about Amanda Nunes," Covington told MMA Junkie Radio. "I don’t really care about Bigfoot Silva. They’re not my friends. They never have been my friends, and they never will be my friends. It’s not a team. I’m not part of a team ... We’re not in a points-scoring system like basketball or football, where it’s a team. This is an individual sport. I do represent American Top Team, but I don’t represent any other fighters in that gym.”

"There’s always been a dividing line between the Americans and the Brazilians," Covington continued. "I've said this since day one. There’s a lot of cliques in the gym. If you go back through my interviews, then you know this is nothing new that I haven’t said before. So it is what it is."

In addition to the loss of goodwill across the world of MMA and in his gym, Covington may still also face some sort of punishment from the UFC, who were not okay with his near-riot inducing speech.

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