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UFC 217 results: Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre live stream play-by-play updates

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the hurt business TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 4, 2017) with UFC 217: "Bisping vs. St-Pierre,” which takes place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, airing live on pay-per-view (PPV).

In the five-round main event, reigning middleweight champion Michael Bisping will collide with former welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre, who returns from a multi-year layoff in an attempt to prove he’s still the top dog in mixed martial arts (MMA). UFC 217 will also feature 135-pound titleholder Cody Garbrandt taking on ex-bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. In addition, strawweight roost ruler Joanna Jedrzejczyk — attempting to tie Ronda Rousey’s title defense record — will lock horns with venerable 115-pound contender Rose Namajunas. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 217 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET, before the PPV main card start time at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised fisticuffs to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 217) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Bisping vs. St-Pierre."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 217 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre — St-Pierre def. Bisping by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 4:23 of Round Three
Cody Garbrandt vs. T.J. Dillashaw — Dillashaw def. Garbrandt by TKO (punches) at 2:41 of Round Two
Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas — Namajunas def. Jedrzejczyk by TKO (punches) at 3:03 of Round One
Stephen Thompson vs Jorge Masvidal — Thompson def. Masvidal by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)
Paulo Costa vs. Johny Hendricks — Costa def. Hendricks by TKO (punches) at 1:23 of Round Two
James Vick vs. Joe Duffy — Vick def. Duffy by TKO (punches) at 4:59 of Round One
Walt Harris vs. Mark Godbeer — Godbeer def. Harris by DQ (late hit) at 4:29 of Round One
Corey Anderson vs. Ovince Saint Preux — Saint Preux def. Anderson by KO (head kick) at 1:25 of Round Three
Mickey Gall vs. Randy Brown — Brown def. Gall by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27)
Curtis Blaydes vs. Aleksei Oleinik — Blaydes def. Oleinik by TKO (retirement) at 1:56 of Round Two
Michal Oleksiejczuk vs. Ion Cutelaba
Ricardo Ramos vs. Aiemann Zahabi — Ramos def. Zahabi by KO (spinning back elbow) at 1:58 of Round Three


185 lbs.: UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre

Round 1: Jabs coming out early, as expected. Low kicks from GSP. Left hook from Bisping met by a GSP overhand right a minute in. GSP tries a spinning back kick. Jab exchange. Counter hook lands for the champ two minutes in. Combo from Bisping blocked. Nice cross from GSP; he hasn’t thrown right hands this well in ages. Two minutes to go.

Counter right from GSP. Bisping meets him with a left hook coming in. GSP with a nice single-leg entry, gets Bisping to his butt on the fence. One minute to go. Bisping works his way to his feet. Superman jab and wheel kick dink Bisping, then an elbow on the break. 10-9 St-Pierre.

Round 2: GSP firing the jab, gets a leg kick checked. Bisping with a jab. One minute in. Side kick lands for GSP. Bisping catches a leg kick, can’t land clean counters. Superman jab to leg kick by GSP. Bisping finds the mark with a right cross, his hardest shot of the fight two minutes in. Now Bisping advancing, firing combos. Two minutes to go.

GSP continuing to control the fight with his jab and hits another takedown, settling in half guard. Bisping works his way to his feet and lands a hard right hand. Bisping putting on a bit more pressure now. Sweeping right hand from the champ. GSP body kick caught. 10-9 St-Pierre.

Round 3: Bisping suffered a cup malfunction at the end of the round so let’s see how that goes. GSP shoots right away and sets up in guard. Bisping striking off the back. One minute in. Bisping eats a hard elbow, but is staying active off of his back. Two minutes in. GSP’s been split open and Bisping kicks his way to his feet. Right hand by BIsping. Cross counter by GSP. Another big right. Two minutes to go.

Superman jab and low kick land for the challenger. Side kick connects. Left hand and down goes Bisping! GSP pounding away with elbows! GSP drilling him with punches, takes the back and locks up the choke! Georges St-Pierre is the new UFC Middleweight Champion!

Final result: St-Pierre def. Bisping by technical submission (rear naked choke)

135 lbs.: UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt vs. T.J. Dillashaw

Round 1: Body kick from Dillashaw. Counter left by Garbrandt connects. One minute in. Dillashaw launching kicks but falling short thus far. No real clean contact as of yet, but lots of motion. Two minutes in. Counter right from Dillashaw. Garbrandt flurries and buzzes Dillashaw. Brief clinch. Dillashaw fires a leg kick and blocks a pair of counters. Two minutes to go.

Garbrandt showing counters every time Dillashaw steps in. Body kick from Dillashaw. One minute to go. Dillashaw clips him with a forearm and eats a short barrage. Body kick by Dillashaw and a backfist. Garbrandt scrambles T.J.’s brain with a counter right cross in the waning seconds but can’t polish him off. 10-9 Garbrandt.

Round 2: Dillashaw looks lucid when he exits the corner. Head kick goes just high and Cody taunts him. Leg kick connects for Dillashaw. Dillashaw shoots, denied a minute in. Head kick drops Garbrandt! Not a hard knockdown and he pops right back up but Dillashaw is confident. Counter left hook from Garbrandt. Two minutes in. Right hand from Dillashaw and this is a hard knockdown! DIllashaw pounding away and it’s over!

Final result: Dillashaw def. Garbrandt by TKO (punches)

115 lbs.: UFC Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas

Round 1: Leg kick from Namajunas to kick things off. Jab lands. One minute in. 1-2 from Jedrzejczyk. They exchange and JJ lands a left hook. Hard right hand from Namajunas kicks of another exchange. Right hand drops Jedrzejczyk! Namajunas follows her down and lands punches as the champion stands. Jedrzejczyk fights her way out of the clinch two minutes in. Counter hook by Jedrzejczyk when Namajunas tries to press. 3-2 connects for the challenger, then a left hook that turns the lights out. Namajunas pounds away until the ref steps in and Jedrzejczyk taps.

Final result: Namajunas def. Jedrzejczyk by TKO (punches)

170 lbs.: Stephen Thompson vs Jorge Masvidal

Round 1: Thompson advancing. Head kick attempt, Masvidal answers with a leg kick. Jab trips Masvidal up a minute in. Side kick from Thompson. To the face now. Masvidal lands a low kick. Two minutes in. Straight left from Thompson. Masvidal leg kick, Thompson head kick attempt. Two minutes to go.

Side kick by Thompson. Masvidal wiht a hard body kick. Nasty cmbo by Thompson. Side kick puts Masvidal on his butt. Leg kick from Masvidal met by a counter 1-2. More pressure from Masvidal. Leg kick connects, counter left connects on him. One minute to go. Heavy straight left by Thompson. Masvidal whips another leg kick in. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2: Masvidal with some oblique kicks, blocks a Brazilian kick. Masvidal shoots, can’t get it but lands punches when he drops the leg. Thompson blasts him with a straight right in return. One minute in. Thompson angles off and lands a perfect right cross that puts Masvidal on his butt. He lets him up. Attempted flurry. Straight left lands clean. Masvidal leg kick two minutes in. Thompson with a solid jab. Masvidal leg kick. Thompson digs a right to the body and a left hook upstairs. Side kick. Masvidal’s staying aggressive but, aside from the leg kicks, he’s struggling to connect. Counter right from Thompson. Two minutes to go.

Thompson with a nasty straight left. Another cracking left hand. Masvidal fakes a shot, can’t land the right. One minute to go. Body kick from Masvidal, left hook upstairs with a minute to go. Masvidal leg kick. Low-high right hand by Thompson. Masvidal leg kick, Thompson left hook. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 3: Masvidal staying committed to the leg kicks. He goes for a low single, can’t get it. Thompson advances, tries a left downstairs. 1-2-1 connects. One minute in. Combination lands upstairs, then a wheel kick that just misses. Body punches. They trade body kicks. Good punching exchanges. Two minutes in. Masvidal fakes a shot. Overhand right lands for him and they trade heavy punches. Big left hook from Wonderboy. Leg kick by Masvidal. Two minutes to go.

Thompson tries to spin, misses. Right hand upstairs. Masvidal leg kick, Thompson answers in kind. 3-2 by Thompson. Longer combination mostly blocked. One minute to go. Masvidal still bulling forward. Nice right hand by Masvidal. Thompson catches a low kick at the bell. 10-9 Masvidal.

Final result: Thompson def. Masvidal by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Paulo Costa vs. Johny Hendricks

Round 1: Costa on the front foot, lands a booming body kick and straight right. Another body kick. Costa tries to go high and backs away from a Hendricks charge. Leg kick from Hendricks. One minute in. Straight right knocks Hendricks Back. Left hook. Hendricks shoots, easily shoved aside and cracked with knees. Costa fires a wheel kick, digs to the body after taking a left hand. Two minutes in. Body kick from Costa, eats another left hand and waves Hendricks on. Costa to the body, left hook upstairs. Overhand right blasts through Hendricks’ guard, then another splits it. Hendricks straight left, but constantly putting his back on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Good knee by Costa, stuffs a takedown. They trade power hands. Haede kick from Costa, leg kicks from Hendricks. Leg kicks from Hendricks with a minute to go. Good body shot by the Brazilian, then a snapping body kick. Double lefts by Hendricks and Costa shakes his head. Leg kick connects again for Hendricks, who avoids a wheel kick. Knee to the body, tight left hook, right cross all land for Costa. 10-9 Costa.

Round 2: Good left hand and low kick by Hendricks, who catches a finger in the eye. Leg kick again when they resume. Counter rights from Costa land clean and a left hand has Hendricks desperately shooting. Costa on the attack, bombing with right hands. Hendricks still trying to shoot. He survives, backs to the fence. One minute in. Crushing right hand by Costa. Hendricks still throwing back. Nasty uppercut sneaks under Hendricks’ armpit and the ref calls it.

Final result: Costa def. Hendricks by TKO (punches)

155 lbs.: James Vick vs. Joe Duffy

Round 1: Duffy on the front foot early. Vick tries a side kick, flicks out jabs and gets a kick caught. Low kick by Duffy. One minute in. Vick checks a low kick, lands one in return. Leg kick to right hand from Duffy, then a right downstairs. 2-3 by Vick, good uppercut inside. Duffy goes low-high with the 1-2 two minutes in. Vick firing his jab. Duffy looking to answer in kind. Vick front kick caught and Duffy trips him down, but can’t take top position. Duffy to the body. Two minutes to go.

Glancing high kick by Vick. Counter right cracks him. Duffy lands another right downstairs and ties up on the fence. Vick looks for the Plum, lands a knee to the body. One minute to go. Dufy scores a takedown on the fence and Vick looks for a guillotine. He abandons it and stands. Duffy lands a counter left hook, eats a spinning back kick. 10-9 Duffy.

Round 2: Vick lands a shifting left straight. Leg kick from Duffy. One minute in. Head kick from Duffy, Vick answers with a leg kick. solid jabs by Vick. Jabs piling up. Two minutes in. Duffy counter left just misses. Axe kick from Duffy falls short. They tie up and Vick lands knees. More jabs by Vick, who trips him up with a leg kick. Two minutes to go.

Really no quality offense from Duffy this round. Body kick as I type that. Leg kick lands, Vick answers with a right hand. Vick picking him off with the jab. One minute to go. Leg kick from Duffy answered by a Vick right hand. Head kick from Vick. MASSIVE uppercut catches Duffy leaning and the referee jumps in at the bell.

Final result: Vick def. Duffy by TKO (punches)

265 lbs.: Walt Harris vs. Mark Godbeer

Round 1: Harris sending out kicks, blocks one from Godbeer. Heavy body kick connects. He goes high, just blocked. Straight left. Godbeer throwing with him but eating bigger shots so far. Harris ducks a right hand for a takedown into half guard. Full mount and he lands a hard shot before Godbeer regains guard. Elbow from Harris two minutes in. More solid ground-and-pound. He briefly gets half guard. Two minutes to go.

Hard left hands by Harris. Heavy elbow. He passes to half guard. Godbeer working his way up on the fence, eats a knee on the way up. One minute to go. Hard knee from Harris on the break. Counter left buzzes Harris, Godbeer comes back with a left hook. Harris lands a low blow and, as the ref calls time, Harris kicks Godbeer in the face. Oh dear.

Final result: Godbeer def. Harris by DQ (late hit)

205 lbs.: Corey Anderson vs. Ovince Saint Preux

Round 1: OSp lands a low kick, eats an overhand right and cracks Anderson with counter lefts. Straight left from Saint Preux. Anderson takes him down, then again when OSP scrambles up. Anderson with a hook in one minute in. OSP trying to work his way up. He makes it to hie feet, immediately has to fight off another takedown. Good knee to the body from Anderson and a left hand on the break. Two minutes in. Anderson looking good on the feet so far, shoots in again. Anderson has his hands locked, can’t get it and eats elbows. Knee exchange with two minutes to go.

Spinning elbow and combination from Anderson, then another shot in one quick burst. The speed difference looks significant. Knee from Anderson strays low. One minute to go. They separate. Low kick from OSP. Anderson answers in kind and shoots, eating a knee to the body on the way in. Hard lefts by OSP and he goes to work with heavy shots that take Anderson’s legs out at the bell. 10-9 Anderson.

Round 2: OSP marches forward and knocks Anderson’s mouthpiece out with a head kick. He flurries, but Big Dan pauses the fight to put it back in. Anderson shoots and OSP threatens a ninja choke. Elbows from OSP a minute in. Left hook by Anderson on the break. He shoots again, lands a good knee. Knes from Anderson, OSP circles away. Quick exchange. Anderson shoots two minutes in, dumps OSP to the mat. OSP gets to his knees. Two minutes to go.

OSP makes it to his feet as Anderson grinds on him. Anderson muscles him back to the mat. One minute to go. OSP back to his feet, still pressed against the cage. 10-9 Anderson.

Round 3: Leg kick from Anderson to start. Anderson shoots and lands a hard left hook on the break. 3-2 connects. One minute in. Counter left by Saint Preux. HEAD KICK AND COREY ANDERSON IS OUT COLD. Hot damn.

Final result: Saint Preux def. Anderson by KO (head kick)

170 lbs.: Mickey Gall vs. Randy Brown

Round 1: Brown marching forward as Gall circles. Hard combination from Brown on the fence. Gall backs him off with a 1-2. Lead right this time. Gall puts him on the fence a minute in, reversed and eats a knee. Knees to the body from Brown and he sneaks in a few to the head. Nice takedown into side control. Brown smacks him with a couple of hammerfists before Gall regains guard two minutes in. Gall inverting, nothing there and Brown whacks at his lag before diving back in. Two minutes to go.

Brown’s corner wants him out of there, but he’s alright so far. Gall tries to jump on a kimura, no dice. Hard elbows from Rude Boy. Gall looking for an armbar with a minute to go, still eating elbows. More good shots by Brown split Gall’s forehead open. 10-9 Brown.

Round 2: Brown continues to advance. Left hook by Gall, who fails a takedown and winds up in bottom side control. He sweeps into guard, though, with a lot of round to work. Brown looks for a gogoplata, then an omoplata attempt. One minute in. Possible illegal upkicks by Brown, ref doesn’t penalize him. Gall passes to side control. Two minutes in. Ground-and-pound by Gall. Brown trying to bridge. Two minutes to go.

Brown gets to his knees, then back to guard. Before long, Gall passes back to side control. Brown just holding on, briefly surrenders a crucifix. One minute to go. Gall transitions from a near-crucifix to a guillotine attempt. Full mount with 25 seconds to work. Brown slips out the back door, planted back in side control. 10-9 Gall.

Round 3: Brown drops Gall with an uppercut early and goes to work with heavy punches. Gall locks up his guard. One minute in. Gall scoots to the fence, briefly considers a guillotine. Brown landing shots. Two minutes in. Brown staying patient, occasionally posturing up. Gall gets sloppy looking for a kimura and continues eating shots. Two minutes to go.

Gall locks up an am-in guillotine, but Brown pops he head out. Nice elbows from Brown. Gall’s bringing up his legs but nothing’s even close with a minute to go. Brown waves Gall up in the last ten seconds and lands a knee. 10-9 Brown.

Final result: Brown def. Gall by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Curtis Blaydes vs. Aleksei Oleinik

Round 1: Leg kick from Oleinik, Blaydes firing right hands. Easy takedown for Blaydes into guard, but he lets Oleinik back up and tries to catch him with a right. Leg kick from Blaydes. Oleinik counter right. One minute in. Left hook. Blaydes struggling to reach him with his punches so far. Blaydes clinches and they trade punches inside. They trade in the center. Two minutes in. Uppercut by the Russian, then another. Slow-motion spin by Oleinik and Blaydes takes him down again before letting him up. Blaydes with a leg kick and takedown. Oleinik threatens a triangle, surrenders side control for doing so. Two minutes to go.

Oleinik works his way back up and gets cracked with punches. Oleinik lands a pair of heavy right hands and they Frye-Takayama it with uppercuts in the clinch. Left hook by Oleinik, then another. Suddenly, Blaydes drops him with a heavy uppercut. Blaydes hesitates to capitalize and Oleinik grabs onto a leg. Oleinik tries to pull guard or something and flops to the ground. Nasty counters by Blaydes and he unloads until the bell. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 2: Oleinik comes out throwing. Brutal punches by Blades. Uppercut catches Oleinik leaning. Oleinik still swinging away, lands a winging hook. Leg kick. Combination by Oleinik and Blaydes dumps him to the mat. One minute in. Oleinik locks up his guard. Blaydes lets Oleinik stand and fires a kick that literally only hits Oleinik’s ear.

They just stopped the fight due to a kick to the ear. Not, like, a kick to the skull. It literally only hit the floppy cartilage bits. Jesus Christ, I do not know how they’re going to call this.

Okay, apparently Oleinik told the doctor he couldn’t continue do to pre-existing damage. TKO win for Blaydes.

Final result: Blaydes def. Oleinik by TKO (retirement)

135 lbs.: Ricardo Ramos vs. Aiemann Zahabi

Round 1: Early flurry by Zahabi in response to a head kick and he ties up on the fence. Throw attempt, but Ramos scrambles into top position. They continue moving on the mat and Zahabi avoids an armbar, then a leglock before they separate. One minute in. Leg kicks from Ramos. He’s throwing quite a few. Two minutes in. Zahabi looking extremely passive as Ramos fires jabs. Zahabi counters a leg kick and clinches. They separate. He digs to the body, lands a knee inside. Ramos shoots, Zahabi pops right back up. Two minutes to go.

Zahabi blitzes, lands a quality right hand and gets double underhooks off a failed Ramos throw. Knees by Zahabi. One minute to go. More knees. Ramos hits a throw and they scramble, with Ramos ultimately hitting a slam and taking the back. 10-9 Ramos.

Round 2: Ramos goes back to the leg kicks early. Front kick attempt. Uppercut just misses, head kick blocked. One minute in. Still very little from Zahabi. He ducks a spinning elbow but can’t keep the clinch. Counter right connects. Jab exchanges. Overhand counter right stumbles Ramos for a moment. Ramos answers with a leg kick, eats another jab. Two minutes in. Good knee from Ramos, nearly gets taken down for it. Uppercut splits Ramos’ guard, more jab exchanges. Ramos tries to change levels without success. Two minutes to go.

Ramos tries a jumping body kick, whiffs on an uppercut. Leg kick connects. Hard uppercut by Zahabi with a minute to go. Ramos tries a head kick, eats a heavy jab. Ramos shoots, stuffed. Solid jabs. 10-9 Zahabi.

Round 3: Ramos staying busy with kicks and jabs. Left hook by Ramos, 1-2 by Zahabi. Zahabi body kick. Nice uppercut by Zahabi as Ramos fires his jab. One minute in. Another uppercut by Zahabi. Straight right from Ramos. Spinning elbow lands for Ramos, then he fires another one that knocks Zahabi out cold.

Final result: Ramos def. Zahabi by KO (spinning back elbow)

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