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George Foreman calls out Steven Seagal, but won’t fight Jean-Claude Van Damme

Wladimir Klitschko v David Haye - World Heavyweight Championship Fight Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

Former heavyweight boxing champion and world-renowned griller George Foreman has issued a challenge to bloated B-movie action star and Aikido master Steven Seagal, for reasons not quite understood.

The 68-year-old slugger mentioned something about wanting to learn how to block kicks, and I suppose the local dojo wouldn’t generate the same publicity as taking lumps from his 65-year-old opponent somewhere in “Sin City.”

“Steven Seagal, I challenge you,” Foreman wrote on Twitter. “One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas. No weapons, hand-to-hand only. Van Damme, I’m too big to make that happen.”

Size may not matter (at least according to this).

Foreman is no stranger to mixed martial arts (MMA), but probably not in the way he was hoping. Likely based on the dismissive comments (read ‘em) directed at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight titleholder Conor McGregor.

Who is definitely too small for the Olympic gold medalist, unless this was a real thing that actually happened.

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